A belt pouch is a handy piece of kit for builders and DIY enthusiasts, but they’re also extremely convenient for travellers too. Rather than having a pouch that hangs around your neck and concealed underneath your shirt, it will sit at your waist instead, being held up by a belt.

This way of wearing it is in my opinion more comfortable and easier to get to as opposed to the former. Here are 5 of the best belt pouches for your travels. You can also read about each product in more detail below the table.

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Running Buddy
Running Pouch



General Purpose

Leather Pouch

Our User Rating
4.8 Stars
4.6 Stars
4.6 Stars
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4.5 Stars
Body MaterialDri-Fit NylonNylon1000 Denier Nylon1200 Denier NylonSynthetic Leather
Compartments2 x Inside Pockets• 1 x Outer Zip Pocket

• 1 x Inside Zip Pocket
• 1 x Outer Zip Pocket

• 2 x Side Pockets/Openings

• 1 x Large Inside Pocket

• 1 x Small Inside Pocket
• 1 x Large Inside Pocket

• 2 x Pen Loops
• 2 x Front Zip Pockets

• 1 x Large Zip Pocket
Dimensions15.5 x 1.8 x 10.5cm19 x 14 x 0.5cm20 x 17 x 0.7cm16 x 11 x 3.5cm13 x 9 x 3cm

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A Brief Overview of Our Top 5 Best Belt Pouches

Running Buddy Running Pouch


Running Buddy Running Pouch

You won’t find another belt pouch that’s quite like the one from Running Buddy. Why? It’s because it uses a set of strong magnets to hold the pouch firmly to the waistline of your shorts or trousers. This means that you don’t actually need a belt to hold it in place unlike other belt pouches.

Its convenience is the biggest reason why I rate it so highly for travel. Aside from that unique feature, it also has two large inner pockets, which the back pocket is secured by Velcro inside and the front pocket is water resistant its contents are safe from rain.

The Running Buddy Pouch sits horizontally across your waist rather than vertically, which I find more comfortable. It also helps that its size is not too big but still roomy enough to fit a large smartphone (such as the new Nexus 6), a passport, some cash and cards.

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Trespass Helicon Belt Pouch


Trespass Helicon Belt Pouch

If you want the option to wear your pouch around your neck/shoulder and on your belt, then the Trespass Helicon pouch allows you to do just that. It has two belt loops at the back and plastic hoops at the side to attach the included adjustable shoulder strap.

All pockets are secured by zips that have nylon pullers attached, which includes the small pocket on the flap closure (secured by Velcro) and the large inside pocket.

The Trespass Helicon along with the ProTech Universal belt pouches are quite a bit bigger than all the others on this list which is great for capacity, but if the size and the fact that they both sit vertically is bothersome for you, then you should consider getting a horizontally positioned belt pouch instead.

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ProTec Universal Belt Pouch


ProTech Universal Belt Pouch

The largest belt pouch on our list is the ProTec Universal, which is also the one that has the most storage options unsurprisingly. While it’s not really designed to be a travel belt, it’s actually very well suited to be one due to its durability, capacity and secure press stud belt loops that makes it so easy to clip onto your belt without actually having to take your belt off.

On one side, there’s an attached for a set of keys while on the other side, there’s a Velcro sealed pocket for a small object. One the front flap, there’s a small zippered pocket and you can ignore the large Velcro pad underneath it which is just intended for a custom name tag which you probably wouldn’t be needing on your travels.

Once inside, you’ll find the main large compartment that’s big enough to fit small notebooks and a large phone, and a small pocket in front of it. As you can see, security wouldn’t be much of an issue since there’s so much Velcro to secure your things inside.

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ProTec General Purpose Belt Pouch


ProTec General Purpose Belt Pouch

If you’re looking for simplicity at a very reasonable price, then the ProTec General Purpose belt pouch fits the bill nicely. It features a similar size to the Running Buddy Pouch and also sits horizontally across your waist.

Though it only has one large compartment, it’s has plenty of room and even has two pen holders which I’m quite sure will come in handy in plenty of situations where you may need a pen during your travels.

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Fabretti Leather Pouch


Fabretti Leather Pouch

The Fabretti Leather Pouch is the smallest belt pouch on our list so it’s ideal for those that are after something that’s compact and looks nice too. Given its small size, it’s still able to just about hold a passport and a small smartphone, with zip pockets for cash and cards too.

While it doesn’t have a belt loop at the back of the pouch like all the others on this list, it has a dangling belt loop instead which is even easier to attach.

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