Top 5 Best Travel Laundry Bags

Making laundry quick and easy when travelling.

Top 5 Best Travel Laundry Bags

Top 5 Best Travel Laundry Bags

If you’re travelling for longer than a weekend, you will almost certainly need to pack several changes of clothes and plenty of socks and underwear. It can be a real challenge to keep your clean clothes fresh on holiday, which is where a travel laundry bag really comes into its own.

Keeping clean and dirty clothes separate will save you time and the hassle of rummaging amongst your clothes trying to find a clean top. If you’re concerned about odours, a drawstring laundry bag should help to conceal the smell.

Whether you’re travelling for days or weeks, going camping or visiting friends or family, our top 5 best laundry bags will ensure the chore of laundry time is more efficient.


Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag

5. Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag - from £19.99

If you’re staying in a holiday cottage or a caravan for a few weeks, the Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag is an essential item to pack, especially as it folds flat for easy storage. As it sits in the corner of your room, you could fill it with up to 55 litres of dirty clothes or hang it up to save space.

Open up the clever magnetic handles and sling it over your shoulder en route to the washing machine.

When the handles are up, you can be confident that no stray articles of clothing will fall out and they will also remain discreetly hidden from view.

The Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag comes in a wide choice of colours – grey, mint, red, blue, soft grey, black and passion red – and is made from easy-to-clean durable polyester.


DOKEHOM Rectangular Travel Laundry Bag

4. DOKEHOM Rectangular Travel Laundry Bag

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the DOKEHOM Rectangular Laundry Bag - from £9.99

An attractive travel laundry bag, available in a selection of pretty prints, the Dokehom Travel Laundry Bag has a convenient rectangular shape which is ideal for packing folded clothes.

The 100% cotton bag features a drawstring closure, so you can be sure all items are thoroughly protected from dust and moisture when inside. In fact, the inside of the laundry bag has a PE coating so is waterproof to further protect your laundry from mould and mildew.

The two handles on each side makes the laundry bag easy to carry, even when fully loaded, and the steel frame around the top of the outer edge means that it is surprisingly sturdy and able to retain its shape, even when empty.

Coming in a medium or large size, the DOKEHOM Rectangular Travel Laundry Bag has a more than adequate capacity for a load of washing, but it looks so attractive, you might be tempted to use it as a permanent storage item for toys, shoes or even books.



3. Ikea SNAJDA

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Ikea SNAJDA – £4

Inspired by works of art, the Ikea SNAJDA is a drawstring laundry bag that can also be used as a gym or school bag.

Available in either a vibrant multicolour print or a minimalistic black and white pattern, the incredibly great value SNAJDA can be slung on a hook or instantly transformed into a backpack by fixing the string to the loops at the bottom of the bag.

It’s able to easily cope with 0.4 litres of laundry and is the ideal travel accessory. The only question really is will one be enough?


Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag

2. Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag - £29.95

If you want a travel laundry bag that is organised, compact and innovative, then check out the Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag.

It features a large opening so it’s easy to fill with clothes, and a soft-touch rotating hook enabling it to hang on a hook, door handle or rail; saving valuable space when travelling or staying in a hotel room without much space.

An unusual feature is a grip on the base of the bag, which you can grab if you want to shake the garments out. Although the bag is compact and doesn’t take up much space when empty, it’s surprisingly capacious and can hold plenty of washing.

Made from a strong fabric with sturdy stitching, the Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag is exceptionally well made and will last for years.


DOKEHOM Round Travel Laundry Bag

1. DOKEHOM Round Travel Laundry Bag

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the DOKEHOM Round Laundry Bag - from £11.99

Embodying a perfectly formed travel bag in a medium or large size, the Dokehom Round Travel Laundry Bag stands up straight on its own even if empty, and scrunches up small when not in use, making it ideal for taking on short and long trips.

The strong metal frame around the top of the edge increases stability while the 100% cotton drawstring closure effectively protects the items inside from dust, whilst eliminating any odours.

No need to worry about mould developing on the sides as the interior is fully waterproof.

Transporting it around when full is easy with two large and comfortable side handles. It’s our best travel laundry bag, not least because of the wide choice of prints – choose from seven prints including pink polka dots, floral roses and nautical blue stripes – but due to its capacity and suitability for travel.

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