2-in-1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

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2-in-1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Potty training can be a stressful time in a toddler’s life. It doesn’t help when this is disrupted by being away from home. Having a travel potty such as the Potette Plus 2 in 1 by Maguari can help ease your toddler’s toilet training distress. It can be used as a full size potty or as a toilet trainer seat.

However, how convenient is it carrying this portable potty around and is it just as good as having a full size potty? I will review these questions in this article to help readers decide whether it’s worth getting this potty for travelling.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Easy Fold Handles: Can be pulled out for a full size potty and folded flat for travel and storage.
  • Easy To Clean: Potty seat is of a wipeable surface that doesn’t stain.
  • Toilet Training Seat: Can be used as a potty seat on the toilet by folding the handles out.
  • Non-Slip: Rubberised base to prevent the potty from slipping.


  • Costly: Potty liners are needed when using it as a full size potty.

Design & Construction

Designed with the convenience of a foldaway travel potty in mind, the Maguari Potette Plus 2 in 1 makes potty training away from home stress free. It gives children a sense of familiarity so they are able to continue with their potty training.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

The potty is suitable for babies from 15 months upwards. As it’s made from extremely durable and wipeable plastic, it can be used for children up to the maximum weight of 25kg.

Foldable Handles

With the fold out handles attached to each side of the potty, it enables the potty to be used as a full size potty or as a toilet trainer seat. The handles lock to 2 positions and folds flat so it’s easily portable. For ease of cleaning, the handles can be removed.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Is it Light & Small to Carry Around?

Measuring only 22 x 23 x 7 cm when folded flat and weighing 431g only, the travel potty is fairly light to carry around. Being a small size, it fits into backpacks, handbags or in the basket under the stroller easily. To prevent the potty from getting dirty, there’s a reusable travel bag included as well.

Potette Plus Bag

Non-Slip Rubber Base

Rubber grips have been cleverly fixed to the end of the handles as well as the inside. These have been sealed on tightly which doesn’t look like it will be easy to peel off. The rubber ensures the potty will not slip whether it’s on the toilet seat or on the floor.

Compared to a non-foldable potty I used to have for my first child, the rubber base on the Potette Plus is sturdier. I was able to slide the old potty aside with my foot (when it’s empty of course!) but with this travel potty, it’s harder to do this.

Available Colours

Each potty seat is designed with two tone colours including red/blue, white/blue, navy/blue and pink/purple. It’s not as interesting as other portable potties such as My Carry Potty with the cute character designs but there are colours for boys and girls.

How Does it Work?

Toilet Potty Seat For Potty Training

By folding the handles flat out into a horizontal position, this enables the potty to be used as a toilet training seat. It fits most toilet seats as long as the handles can be laid on the toilet seat. Due to the rubber grip on the inside of the handle, this prevents the potty seat from slipping off.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Full Size Potty

To use as a full size potty, fold the handles down and push them up until the hinges click into place. I was concerned at first that the potty would collapse easily as the handles can be moved about. However, the potty has been used for a few months now and it’s still very sturdy.

It’s a bit stiff to lock the handle into place at first but after a while, it does get easier. Despite the constant locking and unlocking of the handle, this hasn’t loosened or damaged the plastic hinges which are still quite solid.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Potty Liners

Next, you will need to attach potty liners inside the full size potty. It’s fairly straightforward – you place the liner in with the absorbent pad facing upwards and the liner handles just hooks onto the hooks at the rubber base of the handles. You can attach up to 3 liners onto the potty. Luckily, the package includes 3 of these to start with.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Potette Plus Liners

Comfort & Convenience

The Cost of Using Potty Liners

As the portable potty only uses potty liners, this can get quite expensive. A pack of 30 Potette Plus Disposable Liners can cost the same price as a jumbo pack of nappies and that lasts longer!

Potette Plus Liners

Some people use normal carrier bags instead but you have to be careful there’s no holes in it otherwise the contents will leak out! Not all carrier bags fit well onto the potty either.

Because of the cost and hassle of having to dispose of the potty liners, I tend to just use the portable potty as its full size when my child is away from home.

Sitting on the Potty

Compared to other portable potties, the Potette Plus is a lot smaller in size so it’s significantly lower than other portable potties. Measuring only 10cm from the seat downwards, it’s pretty close to the ground. It’s not too bad if a shorter child uses it but it’s uncomfortable for some children to sit on it for long.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

The raised rim is a lot lower than other portable potties so it’s easier for child to get on and off the potty. We have a cheap toilet trainer seat with a high raised rim which made it difficult for my child to get off the toilet by herself.

How Secure is it on the Toilet Seat?

Although the potty seat itself is smaller than other brands, it fits on the toilet better. I had another toilet trainer seat for my first child and that one didn’t fit so snug and was quite wobbly on most toilets – particularly smaller ones.

The large rubber base on the handle provides me and many parents with a peace of mind when it’s on the toilet seat because it stays securely on.

Most potty seats don’t have as much of a non-slip surface area; they’re usually fixed around the rim of the base only.

How Portable Is It?

Although potties are generally portable, not all can be take on flights because of the bulky size. Imagine packing a traditional potty into your hand luggage! A potty box is probably easier to pack but it’s bulky and you would have to clean it out after use.

With the small size of the Potette Plus and its fold flat design, this makes it easy to pack into hand luggage. There’s no need to wash out the potty after use either because of the potty liners.

2 in 1 Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

The travel potty is also space saving. I can easily store it into the cupboard when it’s not in use and it doesn’t even take up a lot of room.

Final Thoughts | 2-in-1 Potette Plus Travel Potty

For holidays or going out, having the Potette Plus 2 in 1 with you is handy for your child. There aren’t many portable potties that are as small as this travel potty. However, it’s more like a toilet trainer seat with handles than a potty.

Using it as a full size potty is quite expensive because you have to use potty liners so I wouldn’t recommend this for home use – you’re better off buying another potty for home. But as a travel potty, it’s a great space saver plus it can be used as a toilet training seat too so you’re getting your money’s worth.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the 2-in-1 Potette Plus Travel Potty - £19.99

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