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We all have or know someone that has had a bad experience during their travels, from the smallest incidents such as being in discomfort to more serious matters such as consuming unclean food or water, or being the victim of a scam or mugging.

Some of these are just purely down to bad luck, but 95% of the time, these negative experiences that make your happy holiday turn upside down, can be prevented if only more precautionary measures were taken in the first place.

At Travel Sage, our aim is to help people who are planning to travel with first class advice on how to remain healthy, safe, comfortable and stress-free when they make their trip. We provide this information through specific tips and guides, relevant travel product reviews and comparisons, all written in an easy-to-read and captivating style.

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Meet The Team

Samuel Ha – Head Editor

profile-picAn organised person by nature that usually likes to plan his travels. Though he does admit that spontaneous and unplanned activities has given him the best experiences during his travels. Samuel’s favourite destinations thus far are Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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