20 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World

Harmonising nature with living space.

20 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, and we particularly love eco-friendly hotels. Their use of renewable resources is something we should aspire for globally, whilst their peaceful co-existence with nature is something that some of us have forgotten.

Not only do they benefit the world around us, they take on a beautiful appearance that a regular hotel cannot achieve.

Often featuring more environmentally-friendly aspects (such as dimmer lights, less waste produced, and less electricity used), these hotels have become more popular in recent days, especially as more are becoming more environmentally-conscious.

Therefore, below we have compiled a list of our 20 best eco-friendly hotels in the world.

Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World

ParkRoyal on Pickering, Singapore

1. ParkRoyal on Pickering, Singapore

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Crowned as the world’s best green hotel, ParkRoyal on Pickering boasts 15,000m2 of verdant, urban high-rise garden, which consists of a variety of plants, including multi-tiered Bucida trees, Vietnam leaf flowers, Frangipani trees, and more.

Not only that, but it features many beneficial aspects for the environment, such as high energy conservation, fantastic architecture that maximises natural light, and clear recycling systems throughout the building.

Sustainable and green, ParkRoyal on Pickering will allow those who stay there to feel in touch with nature, as they are almost always surrounded by greenery. Due to the tall height of the hotel, it allows a sweeping view of the beautiful city, Singapore.

Within the hotel, there is a total number of 532 rooms, of which there are 11 different types. Whilst ParkRoyal on Pickering is best known for its landscape and greenery, it also offers state of the art services, including a luxurious spa.

2. Pousada Jeriba, Brazil

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Offering captivating views of the Atlantic ocean, Pousada Jeriba runs on solar electricity to provide luxury that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

As this hotel is situated on the beach, it is the ideal place for a summer holiday to kick back and relax – or do some swimming in the ocean or in built swimming pool!

Blended into its green surroundings, Pousada Jeriba is a welcoming place with a homely and inviting atmosphere, where you can feel at ease.

Each of the fourteen rooms are taken good care of and offer all that is needed (including pure cotton sheets and solar-powered showers!).

3. Karijini Eco Retreat, Australia

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Doubling as both a hotel and a restaurant, Karijini Eco Retreat consists of tents, all of which run on solar power and use natural products only, such as 100% cotton for the bedding and composite timber for the flooring.

Natural ventilation flows through the buildings, which whilst not particularly impressive on the exterior, are stylish and comforting on the inside.

With nearly 70 campsites, 40 eco-friendly tents with ensuites, 10 dormitory-style tents, and 8 dorm-style cabins, there is plenty of space for everyone.

As the retreat is located in the heart of  Karijini National Park, scenic views from Oxer Lookout and freshwater pools below Fortescue Falls can be visited easily.

4. Tambo Del Inka, Peru

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Situated in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Tambo Del Inka offers a fantastic spa, as well as fantastic views of the surroundings from private balconies.

To reduce the impact on the landscape, a geothermal heating and cooling system is used, on top of organic and biodegradable materials for the toiletries. Furthermore, the vegetables are all home-grown and organic, therefore the resort is more self-sustained.

Though 23 miles away, Tambo Del Inka is the only hotel in Urubamba with a private train station to the citadel, Machu Picchu, a sacred historical place, often mistakenly known as the ‘Lost City of the Incas’.

5. Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Although it is better known for their range of activities and luxury, Grand Velas Riviera Maya is also committed to helping the environment.

Their use of biodegradable toiletries demonstrates this, as well as their energy saving light controls and recycling and donation of leftover food.

Relax at the hotel’s spa, visit the beautiful beaches beside the Carribean sea, or explore the Mayan ruins – then after a long, adventurous day, return to one of the 539 rooms and fall asleep on a comfortable bed in a carefully designed suite.

6. Spity Hotel, Nice, France

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Whilst other hotels focus on luxury, the Spity Hotel (aka. Hi Hotel), located in Nice, France, focuses on contemporary living, along with well-being and the environment.

For their use of recycled paper, organic paint, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and organic food, they have been awarded the Green Globe certification.

Within 5 minutes of walking, a private beach can be accessed; nearby, there are many sightseeing attractions, including Northern Forum, Old Town Vieille Ville, and Saint-Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral. Additionally, Spity Hotel features an on-site restaurant, in case a quiet night in is desired.

There are 38 rooms, each of them centred around 10 ultra-modern concepts that makes the hotel unique and contemporary, unlike many others.

7. Hix Island House, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Completely powered by solar-charged batteries, Hix Island House is focused on the environment and supporting it. Designed to catch cooling winds and return grey water to the environment, this hotel also recycles rainwater to minimise water use.

Furthermore, the hotel has been engineered to withstand the natural elements, whilst also not disturbing its green surroundings, the countryside.

Boasting zen-like architectural grace, Hix Island House is truly a place to unwind or even do a yoga class! In total, there are 18 lofts, each furnished neatly.

8. Spice Island Beach Resort, St. George’s, Grenada

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Spice Island Beach Resort runs on solar power, desalination plants, and other forms of energy conservation. Not only that, but they have a focus on preserving the island, therefore they do community clean-ups to keep the island pristine, replant, and use non-chlorinated pools.

Furthermore, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited, in order to keep the air clean and fresh, free of pollution.

With the beauty of the Isle of Spice all around, guests can feel at ease and enjoy the resort and the well-known Grand Anse Beach, which is only a short walk away.

Featuring 64 beachfront suites, the resort boasts many other facilities, including a spa, yoga sessions, island tours, sports, all day children activities, and gourmet dining.

9. Soori Bali, Indonesia

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Far away from the liveliness of the city is Soori Bali, a haven for those who wish to unwind at the spa, do some recreational activities, or even rent a limousine!

Constructed of locally sourced materials, such as sand stones and natural stones, Soori Bali has reduced the impact of transport on the environment. Furthermore, to organically cool the villa, indigenous volcanic rock and abundant plants are used.

Aside from the eco-friendly design of the hotel, it is also water efficient with rainwater to satisfy its water needs. Not only that, but all ingredients, goods, and services are locally sourced, therefore reducing negative impacts on the environment.

With amazing architecture, some may not want to leave the beautifully designed villa, but outside, there are rice fields, mountains, oceans, beaches – all of which you can explore or simply gaze upon and enjoy.

10. Hoshinoya Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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Featuring ceiling high windows that maximises light, Hoshinoya Karuizawa runs on hydroelectricity, supported by the river that runs down from Mount Asama.

In the presence of said river, century old trees flourish. Hidden by the forest and river, the resort barely disrupts the natural beauty of the landscape.

The architecture of the resort alludes to Japanese aesthetic and design, immersing guests entirely into the culture of the country. To be further included, guests can dine on authentic Japanese cuisine, whilst enjoying the verdant surroundings.

At the resort, you can chill in the hot springs or find serenity in a meditation bath. A short drive away from the resort is Tokyo, where life is bustling night and day.

11. Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

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Being an example of peaceful coexistence between luxury and nature, Park Hyatt has demonstrated the perfect balance that we need in this world.

Their use of energy saving, water efficient, and carbon reducing technology had earned them the well-deserved recognition of the LEED Gold status in 2011.

Home to some of the finest art, Park Hyatt is also considered one of the city’s best galleries. Nearby the hotel are landmarks, including the Charminar mosque and the Golconda citadel and fort. Aside from these, Park Hyatt also offers a swimming pool and fine dining.

On top of this, they have 185 stylishly furnished, modern rooms and 24 suites ready. Not only that, but Park Hyatt is the first luxury business hotel in the city to offer 41 extravagant rooms with full service!

12. Borgo Pignano, Tuscany, Italy

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One of the main beliefs of Borgo Pignano is to help protect the natural and cultural heritage for future generations, so that they can enjoy the beauty and diversity of the planet, therefore they are set on eco-friendly systems, such as recycling and using solar power, rather than fossil fuels.

On top of this, they reuse (filtered) rainwater to feed their 750-acres of organic garden.

At the hotel, they have many experiences to offer, including cooking classes, yoga, spas, guided tours, an art gallery, and even a Summer concert, all of which they take pride in.

Surrounding Borgo Pignano are the traditionally planted English Gardens and beyond that, the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, which have undergone little change since the Renaissance. These views can be seen from each of the 14 wonderfully decorated rooms, all of which are charming.

13. Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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In America, the first hotel to receive the LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is Proximity Hotel, which has followed many sustainable practices in order to support the environment.

Some of these practices include: buying products from local sources, saving energy and water, and reducing, reusing, and recycling.

On top of this, Proximity Hotel has a lot to offer, including a pool, a fitness studio, original art in a gallery, a spa, and lots of green spaces (such as Bluebell Garden).

At Proximity Hotel, there is a wide range of rooms to choose from and a total of suites, each of them comfortable and offering spectacular views of the city.

14. Lefay Resort, Gargnano, Italy

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Built into the village’s hill slopes is Lefay Resort – their position helps reduce energy and heat dispersion, therefore saving energy.

On top of this, they manage their waste effectively, as well as collect rainwater to reuse. All of their efforts demonstrate their dedication to reducing CO2 emissions.

At Lefay Resort, guests can enjoy authentic Italian tradition, might it be through the delicious food, the architecture and style of the retreat, or even just the smiles of those around.

At the spa, guests can also experience physical and mental rejuvenation, which was created from the union between classical Chinese medicine and western scientific research.

15. Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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On Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, poaching and deforestation are significant problems, which Lapa Rios is combating by pledging to protect its surrounding 1,000 acres of Central America’s remaining tropical lowland rainforest.

Their protected land has much of nature to be discovered, including more than 300 species of birds, endangered monkeys, and one of a kind frogs and macaws.

Furthermore, they practice everyday sustainability, such as using solar power to heat water, using organic cleaning products & bath amenities, having their own vegetable garden, and even following a no-plastic policy.

At Lapa Rios, there are a total of 17 bungalow lodges, each of which consists of a bedroom, bathroom, shower garden, and a terrace, from which you can observe captivating views of the ocean and rainforest.

16. Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort, Vanu Levu, Fiji Islands

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The distinguished explorer and conservationist, Jean-Michel Cousteau, was an inspiration for this resort, therefore this retreat follows sustainability and conservation.

Some ways in which they do this include using low-voltage for the lighting, using wood from certified local forests, and not using farmed fish for their menu.

This resort offers one of a kind experience, such as diving into the sea and exploring the Fijian waters to discover an expansive range of fish and corals. In addition, there are other excursions you can participate in, including hiking through the rainforest and kayaking down the river.

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort, there are 25 luxurious bures (traditional Fijian cottages) across the 17 acres, each of them offering fantastic views.

17. Inn by the Sea, Crescent Beach, Maine, USA

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One of the inn’s greatest foci is on localising all things concerning the hotel, therefore minimising the impact on the environment the inn has.

Also they use non-toxic Green Seal products to clean the rooms, package amenities in recyclable materials and display it on recycled glass trays, and also used recycled, local materials to build their spa and cardio room.

At Inn by the Sea, guests can enjoy the freshest local ingredients at Sea Glass restaurant, knowing that health and taste has been prioritised. Additionally, you can bring your beloved pet to enjoy a gourmet meal too.

18. Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Wyoming, USA

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At Hotel Terra, renewable energy is on the rise, specifically solar, wind, and hydro energy, which helps power the structure that is constructed of mostly recycled materials.

Dynamic and welcoming spaces are what this hotel is about – each of the suites are stylishly furnished and carry a modernistic, comfortable atmosphere.

With large windows, you can immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty.

All year round, there are a variety of activities to do. Depending on the season, guests can participate in skiing, visit national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton), and even ride a hot air balloon!

19. Hotel Hangaroa, Easter Island, Chile

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Built from branches, volcanic rock and clay, Hotel Hangaroa displays a deep respect for Mother nature, not only in its construction, but also in their staff, who are natives of Easter Island (otherwise known as Rapa Nui).

Furthermore, the hotel uses high-efficiency electrical equipment to save energy, an array of solar lighting, and LED technology.

On top of this, they have a self-supplying water system and ensure that all cleaning products they use are made under environmental management systems,

Easter Island is a must go for all travellers – staying at Hotel Hangaroa makes it easier to visit all the landmarks of the island and experiences its natural and mystic beauties, such as the historic Ara Moai.

Luckily, at this hotel, there are many excursions that guests can participate in to discover all that Easter Island has to offer.

20. The Green House, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Self-declared the greenest hotel in the United Kingdom, the Green House proudly boasts a hotel made from all sustainable material, including the carpets and curtains.

To heat their water, they take advantage of the sun; to generate electricity and keep the building warm, they use a combined heat and power unit. In addition, they do everything that would be expected, such as using energy-efficient lights.

Ideally located, the Green House allows easy access into exploration of Dorset – guests can ride on cruises, discover the secrets of the New Forest, investigate the Christchurch Castle Ruins, and more.

At the Green House, there are 32 incredible, furnished rooms with hand-crafted furniture made from natural and sustainable material.

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