Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Designed as a secondary bag that can be carried on flights.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

The Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway bag has been designed as a second bag to take on flights. Most airlines usually allow one piece of hand luggage but there are some that allow you to take a second bag on provided it fits within their requirements. Usually this is a laptop bag or a small bag.

With this stowaway bag, it provides extra space for your items as well as being that second bag. My article will investigate just how much space this small bag is worth and whether it’s worth getting or will just any small bag do instead.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Quick Overview


  • Padded Compartments: Each compartment is padded so all your items will be protected from damage.
  • Large Zips: Enables you to easily unzip the bag when you’re in a hurry.
  • Second Bag Allowance on Flights: The small size of the bag allows it to be taken on some airlines as a second piece of hand luggage.
  • Breathability: The mesh fabric on the shoulder strap and carry handle provides air flow between your body and the bag to prevent sweat.


  • Not Versatile: The one shoulder strap means the bag can only be worn across the body.

Design and Construction

Looking at the Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway bag, the design comes across as simple and practical. It’s made with a UV coated canvas twill material with faux leather on the base and zips. The fabric feels strong and durable and the thread for the stitching is thick.

This small piece of cabin luggage matches the Cabin Max Oxford backpack. There’s a choice of 2 colours which is grey or indigo. The grey choice has a contrasting colour of orange and the indigo is designed with a grey contrast.


The size of this stowaway bag is 20 x 35 x 20cm which has been designed to fit within Ryanair’s second bag allowance for cabin baggage. It can also be used for easyJet customers with plus, flexi fare, upfront and extra legroom customers.

Some airlines such as Air France allow a second piece of cabin luggage provided it fits under the seat. It’s best to check your hand luggage allowance beforehand though.

Easy To Grab Zips

The zips look like any other zip but what makes it different is the extra thread looped through the holes. At the end of this thread, it’s secured with a plastic semi-circle for an easy grip. There’s no chance the thread will come loose as the only way to take this off is by cutting it.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Despite the thread running through the zip holes, there’s enough gap for a padlock to fit through. As there are 2 holes in the zip, a padlock can fit through either one if needed.

Carrying the Bag

At the top of the bag is a well-padded carry handle. Wrapped around the handle is a mesh fabric for ventilation underneath and faux leather above which makes it comfortable to carry the bag by the handle.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review


The Cabin Max Stowaway bag is worn with the one padded and adjustable shoulder strap at the back. This goes diagonally across the back of the bag because it’s worn across your body.


Easy to Use Front Pocket

At the front of the bag, there’s one external pocket with a diagonal zip running down it. The pocket itself is actually a long triangle shape.

Inside the Bag

For the main compartment of this Cabin Max backpack, the zips open three quarters of the way round until the bag lies flat.  Almost like a miniature version of a cabin suitcase. Surrounding the compartment on the sides and back is light padding so your items will be protected.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Inside

Some people have said they were able to fit 13” laptops in this compartment. However this varies between different models because a few people with 13” laptops were unable to fit this in whereas some could. I was unable to fit my 13” Macbook Pro in but my old 12.5” laptop fitted in easily.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Laptop

Being quite deep, this compartment is roomy so a lot can fit in here. It can easily store bulkier items such as a book or even a pair of comfortable footwear to wear on the plane.

Opposite to the main compartment, there’s one large zipped pocket. Being quite deep, chargers and cables could fit in here.

Back Compartment

At the back of the bag is a padded compartment with zips that open a quarter of the way down the bag. It’s great for storing your tablet or Kindle in here as the padding helps to prevent it from damage.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Comfort and Convenience

Packing in the Main Compartment

Having the large internal pocket helped with organising my items. The spaciousness of the main compartment enabled me to fit a lot of essentials I needed for my flight. Some of these would have been left in my cabin luggage and it’s not ideal having to take that out to get things.

In my Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway bag, I was able to fit in:

  • Slippers
  • Headphones in its case
  • Portable charger
  • Travel pillow
  • Charger and cables
  • Toiletry bag

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Although the way the main compartment opens makes packing easier, it wasn’t ideal when I had to open this section since my stuff almost fell out each time. I had to lay the bag on its back to open the bag each time.

It would have been a good idea to have elastic straps here to hold items in place. Otherwise don’t use this compartment for quick grab items.

The Diagonal Front Pocket

Despite being quite handy and spacious, the front pocket can’t fit that much because of the diagonal shape. As it gets slimmer towards the top, certain items cannot fit in unless it’s a ruler. I could fit my passport in easily though. It’s probably better suited for smaller items such as keys, tissue or change.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Cross Body Style

With the bag having to be worn across the body, it wasn’t practical because I had to keep pulling it over my head whenever I put it on or took it off to get to my belongings. Not great for when you’re in a hurry.

Attempting to wear it on one shoulder instead of a cross body is annoying as the bag keeps hanging to one side then slipping off. It would have been a good idea to make the strap versatile so the bag can be worn in different styles.

The One Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Due to the padding in the shoulder strap, it sits comfortably on my shoulder but only half of it is padded. When it gets to the adjustable strap, there’s no padding so it digs into your body no matter how you adjust it.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

It’s still the case even though it’s loose because of the size of the bag; it sits quite high up on your back. If you wear the bag so it’s lower on your back instead, then the padded part of the shoulder strap is barely on your shoulder.

However, wearing the bag on my chest instead of my back is actually more comfortable. The adjustable strap doesn’t dig into my body and I don’t have to take the bag off to get my items.

It looks massive on me in front but it doesn’t get in my way and it’s easier for me to keep an eye on my belongings.

Cabin Max Oxford Stowaway Bag Review

Final Thoughts | Cabin Max Stowaway Bag

At first glance, the Cabin Max Stowaway bag is not a particularly eye-catching bag but it’s practical so it does the job it’s intended for. The compartments have been designed well to ensure each space can be used to its maximum.

This bag is ideal for anyone who needs a second bag to take on as hand luggage to keep their valuables and essentials with them. It’s great for short haul holidays when your hand luggage is already maxed out on space with your items for your holiday.

At the price the bag is selling at, it’s inexpensive and the manufacturers have not skimped on quality. The bag can last quite a while and it can even be used as an everyday bag afterwards.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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