Fulton Stormshield Umbrella Review

Designed to shield you from strong winds and rain.

Fulton Stormshield Umbrella Review

Fulton Stormshield Umbrella Review

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be. It can go from a clear sunny day to a full blown windy day with a storm on the way. So it’s no surprise we have stormproof and windproof umbrellas such as the Fulton Stormshield Men’s Umbrella.

This umbrella is not just for men though as the name might suggest, it’s an umbrella that can be used for either gender. The purpose of this is to withstand wind, storm and heavy rain hence the name Stormshield. My review will look at how well built this umbrella is in terms of durability and how well it withstands mother nature.

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Windproof: Has a double canopy on top which prevents the umbrella from damage and inversion when it is windy.
  • Rubber Grip Handle: Gives you a firm hold on the umbrella even when it gets wet so it will not slip out of your hand.
  • Rustproof: Ensures the metal materials of the umbrella will not rust despite getting wet so it will not weaken over time.
  • Easy to Open: The Easyglide opening system enables you to effortlessly slide the umbrella up to click into place saving you a struggle when it is pouring down with rain.
  • Large Opened Size: Big enough to keep 2 people dry or a small group of children.


  • Stainless Steel Spring Clips: Wears down the fibreglass material after a few years.

Design & Construction

The Fulton Stormshield umbrella may look like any other long stick golf umbrella but it’s designed to be storm proof as well as wind proof.

Some of the main highlights of this umbrella are:

  • The shaft and ribs of the umbrella are made with an extra strong non conductive lightweight fibreglass material making it lightweight at only 720g and rustproof yet providing the durability needed to withstand a storm.
  • Stainless steel spring clips are used to hold the umbrella locked in the open or close position. Although these are quite strong and does not rust, it has been known to wear down and cut into the fibreglass after a few years. However, it will still last for a very long time before this happens.
  • On the top of the umbrella is a double canopy flap design. In strong winds, these flaps will open up to let air through which helps to prevent the umbrella from inverting itself or breaking.
  • The umbrella material is made with a waterproof polyester material.
  • An ergonomically designed handle sits at one end of the umbrella which is long and thick. Rubber is wrapped around it with small pinholes which allows for a good grip and breathability.
Fulton Stormshield Umbrella Review
The handle of the Fulton Stormshield Umbrella offers a rubber tight grip attached to a fibreglass lightweight frame.

Opening and Closing

The Fulton Stormshield umbrella opens up effortlessly with the Easyglide opening system and the pinch proof runner. Once pushed to the top, the umbrella locks open into place. To close, the pinch proof runner is pinched and pulled down to where the handle ends and locks in place.

The opened span is a generous 130cm which can protect two people underneath from the rain. When the umbrella is closed, it measures 99cm.

There’s a Velcro strap to hold the umbrella folds together when it’s shut. For extra protection, a Velcro closing cover is also provided to cover and protect your umbrella from damage as well as keeping the material clean.


The most popular colour for this umbrella is the classic black. However, it also comes in a checker blue/navy, red/black or checker black/white colour for a more casual look or for anyone wishing to stand out from the crowd.

Comfort & Convenience

Due to the double canopy design of this umbrella, this gives it increased wind resistance. Many users have used the umbrella during strong winds throughout the UK and found it has withstood these gusts without any damage.

The waterproof polyester material feels strong and it doesn’t absorb the rain water. Instead, water sits on it or slides right off. This enables the umbrella to dry quicker.


Fulton Stormshield Umbrella Review
The frame is constructed of all fibreglass which is both light and durable.

Despite not being able to fit into your bag because of the length, this umbrella is light to carry around when it’s not in use. Although the frame is made with lightweight fibreglass, when the umbrella is opened up, you will need a strong arm in strong winds to hold it up because of the opened size.

Because of the big opened size as well, it can take up a lot of room if you’re using it in busy areas. It’s probably more suited for walks in the park, countryside and the beach.

If you plan to use it for daily use and you only venture about in busy areas, it may be a better idea to have a look at other similar Fulton umbrellas that are more compact.

Ease of Use

It can be a bit of a struggle when it comes to opening umbrellas and it can be frustrating trying to do this when it’s raining heavy. With the Fulton Stormshield, it doesn’t need much effort to open it up. All you need to do is slide it up to the top where it clicks into place. Although you will need two hands to do this, people have found opening and closing to be smooth, quick and easy.

Umbrellas with wooden or plastic handles can get quite slippery when it is wet making it harder to hold on to particularly in strong winds.

With the straight rubber grip handle on the Fulton Stormshield umbrella, this ensures a firm grip on the handle so it will not slip out of your hand.

It also means not having to grip as tight which can cause your hand to cramp after a while.

With the handle being long and straight, this makes it comfortable to hold particularly for anyone with large hands. A curved handle or small handle can be difficult to grip onto unless you have small hands.

Final Thoughts | Fulton Stormshield Umbrella

With a classic and stylish design, this umbrella is ideal for all purposes and suits all kinds of people from students to working professionals. It’s ideal for walks in the countryside or in areas with a lot of strong winds.

Although the Fulton Stormshield umbrella is labelled as a man’s umbrella, this is also suitable for women particularly those with larger hands or prefer a straight handle umbrella. When opened, the large size is great for 2 people to share making this ideal for couples.

The quality, material and design of this umbrella shows it is well built and durable even in the wet and windy British weather.

Despite the high price, it’ll be worth it in the long run due to the umbrella’s longevity. It will actually cost you more to buy a cheap umbrella only for it to break after a few uses and than having to replace it every time.

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Fulton Stormshield Umbrella - £25.20

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