Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Carrying around a massive backpack or rucksack on your shoulders for prolonged periods of time is outright tiring. The Go Travel Luggage Trolley is designed to literally take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to wheel around your luggage instead.

It’s a portable folding trolley cart that’s convenient for travelling but understandably, some question whether it’s worth the hassle of carrying an extra piece of equipment around. In my review, I’ll explore the benefits and negatives of the Go Travel Luggage Trolley.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Portable: It can be folded down to a compact size and packed away into your hand luggage at the airport or stored away in the overhead compartment on the airplane.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 1.6kg so it doesn’t take up much of your weight limit for carry-on luggage.
  • Attached Bungee Straps: Elasticated fabric covered straps enable you to safely secure your luggage to the travel trolley.
  • Robust Wheels: Large wheels that are not hollow and surrounded with a rubber casing to protect the plastic.


  • Plastic Base: Easily bendable which begs the question of whether the travel trolley can hold up to its maximum weight of 35kg.

Do You Need a Luggage Trolley?

I’m a light packer and I despise taking anything bulky or heavy with me on holiday but I dislike carrying heavy bags even more. During a short trip to Brussels, I used my backpack as hand luggage instead of a cabin size suitcase because it holds more stuff.

Not wanting to carry my backpack, I bought the Go Travel Luggage Trolley (also know as the Design-Go The Trolley) to wheel my hand luggage around instead. It actually came of more use as I loaded the trolley up

Design & Construction

There’s nothing spectacular about the appearance of the travel trolley. Not exactly styled with designer monogram prints but instead it’s a simple looking black travel trolley with a telescopic handle and wheels. All I need it to do is its job – act as luggage on wheels.

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Is This Just Extra Weight and Bulk to Carry?

No it’s not because I’m not carrying the trolley cart – I’m pulling it along by its wheels and boy it’s a lot easier! It was just like using a cabin suitcase with wheels but instead, my bag had loads more space.

The trolley cart wasn’t heavy either, it’s only 1.6kg. This is about the average weight for many similar travel trollies.

When I wasn’t using the foldaway cart, I just packed it into my backpack. Now, it’s not going to fit in all backpacks. My bag is pretty large and the trolley fit in due to its measurements of 25x45x8 cm. It’ll fit into most 21 inch cabin suitcases but not an 18 inch suitcase as I found out when I attempted to store my travel trolley away in one.

Folding Trolley Cart

Wheeling around the unfolded luggage trolley didn’t feel like I was pulling around a bulky bit of luggage which is often the case with suitcases with wheels.

Folding Trolley Cart

You don’t have all those extra plastic casing or fabric that makes the shape of the suitcase. Measuring just a mere 25x95x32cm when opened makes this smaller than many cabin suitcases as well.

Are The Materials Tough?

Made from a combination of plastic and lightweight aluminium, the Go Travel Luggage Trolley looks quite sturdy but upon closer inspection and feel of it, the plastic of the folding cart’s platform is easily bendable.

Although I don’t think it will snap, crackle or pop so easily, it feels like it won’t be able to handle a heavy load of 35kg which is the maximum weight it can hold.

For general usage to hold hand luggage, there should be no problem as the base is strong enough to hold this. People have used the luggage trolley to hold luggage near to the 35kg limit which caused no damage to the trolley.

There are other trolley carts which can hold past the 35kg limit. They are usually made entirely of a metal construction which will hold up to 50kg making it ideal for heavier items. Some of these are quite bulky though because of the large wheels.

Is The Base Wide Enough?

The platform of the cart is pretty slim as it’s built to be compact and easily portable. In the section of the base where I can fit my luggage onto, it measures 25x23cm which is quite small. The size is fine for me since I didn’t have anything that wide to strap on.

Design-Go The Trolley

For people who had wider luggage or items to tie on, this had caused imbalance when wheeling the trolley cart. Some had to use extra bungee straps to prevent their luggage from sliding off. The width is another reason why I don’t think the cart can hold up to the 35kg limit.

The Stretchiness of the Bungee Cords

The two separate bungee cords are made with a black nylon weave elastic which are fairly thick cords. It feels pretty strong and as it’s quite thick, it shouldn’t be so easy to snap – provided it’s not overstretched. My main concern is where the bungee cords are fixed to.

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

See how the bungee cords are just knotted through a hole in both sides of the travel trolley in the picture above? It’s just knotted through and although the ends have been singed, it’s only light so the burnt ends can easily flake off or be picked off. The knots aren’t tight either and sure I can do a tighter knot but that means less cord length.

The Hooks on the Bungee Cords

Attached to the bungee cords are the hooks which are made from tough plastic. Again, it’s knotted to the hooks. The hooks feel pretty durable but chances are if the bungee cord is overstretched, it’s going to cause strain on the hook so it may end up snapping if the cord doesn’t.

Design-Go The Trolley

However, having plastic hooks are a lot safer than some travel trollies with metal hooks. I used to have one of those and when the plastic coating on the metal hooks chipped off; I cut myself a few times on the metal hooks whilst pulling the bungee cord over my hand luggage.

How Are the Wheels?

The wheels aren’t the small flimsy looking ones you get on a cabin suitcase or other travel carts; they’re large with a 7.5cm diameter and 3cm thickness. Made from a hard plastic and covered with a thick rubber casing, they are quite sturdy and haven’t failed me just yet.

Below the telescopic handle, there’s a metal bar which connects the two wheels together. Opposite to the wheels are two stoppers which are part of the platform base. Pretty much like a 2 wheel suitcase really.

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Manoeuvring the travel trolley around the airport was a breeze due to the smooth rolling of the wheels thanks to the rubber casing. They’re well balanced too so my hand luggage didn’t tip over or rock about unsteadily as I wheeled the cart along.

Unfolding The Trolley Cart

Opening the travel cart is easy enough, all you need to do is:

  • Unhook the plastic hooks
  • Pull apart the platform and the telescopic handle until it stops at a 90 degree angle. The handle will click into place.
  • Strap your luggage or item in with the bungee cords and hook onto the bar on the handle
  • Push the button down on the telescopic handle and pull up. There are 2 heights the handle can be adjusted to.

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Once you’re done with the luggage trolley, just push the platform and handle back towards each other. I never bother to hook the bungee cords back on and the trolley stays folded up.

Comfort & Convenience

The Fiddly Extending Handle

The one thing that has annoyed me most about the Go Travel Luggage Cart has been the telescopic handle. These extending handles on suitcases are a bug bear in general for me because it’s not always so smooth to pull up or stop at the height I want.

Extending the handle to its full length is simple enough but the problem is stopping it at the shorter length. It’s not very well made and suggests poor design and quality here. But it’s a lot better than having folding handles as is the case with some travel carts which is a lot lower making it awkward to wheel along.

Right For Air Travel

Due to the luggage trolley’s small size, it’s well within the size restrictions for many airlines making it travel friendly.

However, some airlines may ask you to put it away and may count it as additional baggage. In this case, you’d have to put it in your bag, but if it’s full, you can just strap your bag back onto it.

Strap-On Luggage

I had a bit of a struggle with the bungee cords when I first used the folding trolley cart. The cords were quite hard to pull over my luggage which made it difficult to attach the hook onto the trolley bar. It was quite stiff but after a few uses, it finally loosened up a bit and was more flexible.

As the bungee cords are quite long, there are some items that will be too small to fix onto the travel cart. It can be fixed either way:

  • Tying the cords together underneath the base
  • Looping the cords through holes in the base

Having the bungee cords tied into the base is easier to strap luggage in. Some baggage carts tend to have separate unattached bungee straps which are more of a hassle to tie around luggage.

Ideal For Large Bulky Items

Many people who have struggled with carrying a baby car seat around airports will know how difficult and awkward it is to carry this around. It can get very heavy when you’re carrying hand luggage, baby’s changing bag and a car seat (especially with baby in it!).

Luckily, to make things easier for travelling with babies, the car seat can be fixed onto the luggage cart! Just to be on the safe side, make sure baby isn’t in the car seat whilst it’s fixed to the trolley in case the plastic hooks decide to ping off.

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

Go Travel Luggage Trolley Review

I fixed my baby’s car seat in just to see how it would work and although I can see it makes it easier to wheel the seat around, I felt like the trolley’s handle was going to snap. The bungee cords just about fit over the car seat but when hooked onto the bar, it pulled the bar to an angle. Maybe I just fixed it on wrong?

However, people have used the trolley cart for bulkier and bigger items such as a guitar or guitar amplifier and have had no problems or bent handles.

Other Uses For the Go Travel Folding Trolley Cart

Besides using the travel trolley at the airport, people have used the foldable cart for other things such as transporting books or boxes from one place to another. I’ve used it once to take a bunch of bags to my parents’ home which was a lot easier than carrying them in bit by bit!

To students – this travel trolley should be in your student essentials! Do you want to know why?

  • You can use it to carry textbooks – I used to carry 3-4 heavy textbooks to Uni every day and I could have done with a trolley cart instead of killing my shoulders and back lugging them in my backpack!
  • It makes moving homes a lot easier – Back in Uni, it wasn’t easy carrying bags of my belongings on the train to move from one house share to the next. Make it easier on yourself with a luggage cart, you can strap all your bags in and wheel your belongings. Quick now before the train doors shut with your remaining bags inside!
  • Strap in and wheel your food shopping (or stolen food from your parents’ home!) – Boxes of noodles are the main food staple for students and it’s awkward carrying boxes back to your student home. If you’re a student, you know what I mean.

Final Thoughts on the Go Travel Luggage Trolley

For anyone looking to maximise their storage capacity on holiday, then you will find that the Go Travel Luggage Trolley is suitable for this need. It’s ideal for people preferring to use large backpacks, holdalls or some other type of bag instead of the standard cabin suitcases.

Compared to other travel carts, this one is priced at the higher end but the weight limit is higher, the design is better and its build is a lot sturdier. I think it will last quite a while provided the cart is not overloaded on every use.

Although I’ve not had as much use for my folding cart other than for short trips, it’s been pretty useful for me on these trips. However, there are many other uses for this trolley luggage as I’ve already mentioned which is great if you want to get more use out of your travel trolley besides just for the airport.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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