LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

Bringing adventure to a kid's travels.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

Having wandering toddlers can be stressful for parents as they have to constantly watch them especially on holidays. Many kids hate being on baby reins as it restricts their movements and it’s not fun!

With the LittleLife daysack with reins, this gives kids a bit of fun. They could wear their bag to give them independence in looking after their belongings whilst parents can keep hold of them with the kids’ reins.

However, many parents question the usefulness of this item and on how strong the safety harness is since it can be detached. I will be reviewing these concerns on this product and decide whether it’s just as safe as a standard baby rein.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Detachable Child Reins: This allows the backpack to be used without the walking reins once your child no longer needs it.
  • Chest Strap: Secures the LittleLife backpack on your child so it doesn’t slip off their shoulders.
  • Fun For Kids: These toddler backpacks come in fun designs that can be matched to their outfits.
  • Storage Space: Kids can pack their favourite toys or snacks inside the bag.
  • Address Label: Helps kids to identify which bag is theirs.


  • No Interior Pockets: There’s only the main compartment for everything to go into which can get messy.

Design & Construction


As the backpack is designed for children, the size is quite small measuring at 15x17x24cm.  The volume capacity of the backpack is 2 litres. Compared to other toddler rucksacks, it’s a bit on the small side.

Fun Design

The LittleLife toddler animal daysack is recommended for ages 1 – 3 years old so it can be used for when your baby learns to walk. There are many designs to choose from which gives children a chance to play ‘dress up’ with a useful and essential item for them and parents.

Littlelife Toddler Daysack Review

Some of the daysacks will have a rain hood hidden within a second pocket. This can be found in the bumble bee backpack and the dinosaur backpack.

The LittleLife butterfly backpack is quite popular for little girls because of the wings attached. Another popular design for girls is the Minnie Mouse backpack with the Minnie Mouse ears. The dinosaur backpack is the preferred choice for boys.


For most of the designs, the material used for this toddler rucksack is a thin nylon fabric which is waterproof. Some designs such as the bumble bee backpack and the Gruffalo backpack uses a furry fabric.

On the butterfly backpack, the wings attached are made stiff with metal wire stitched into the edges. A transparent waterproof material makes up the inside design of the wings with pretty pink blots. The front of the backpack is dome shaped so there’s padding inside to keep the shape.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

Safety Features

Despite the different character designs, how the LittleLife daysack with reins goes onto toddlers remain the same. There are padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap which clips together at the front. This secures the backpack onto your child so it won’t slip off.

LittleLife Butterfly Daysack Review

The chest straps are made from a tightly woven nylon fabric and secured with a plastic push buckle which is easy to open. However, parents can breathe a sigh of relief because it’s not so easy for a child to open this since the buckle is quite big.

Stitched onto the top of the backpack at the back is a carry handle. It’s thickly padded which enables it to stay upright which is easy to grab.

Reins for Toddlers

Included in the daysack is a detachable toddler rein. One end has a plastic clip which feels very strong and the other end is a circular padded handle. The safety harness clips onto the plastic loop on the back of the backpack.

Daysack Rein Daysack Rein Clip

The strap on the toddler reins are the same material as the chest strap which is tough and durable. It measures a total of 30 inches including the handle and clip.


Overall, the stitching on the straps and walking reins is very tight due to the triple stitching. There’s no worry that the stitching on the chest strap or reins will come loose. My friend’s daughter was pulling hard at her butterfly backpack when it was first on but the stitching remained strong despite her best efforts.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

However, the stitching on the bag is not as strong. If the backpack is overfilled and you attempt to zip it up, the stitching on the zips and the edges of the bag will loosen.


There is just one main compartment in the LittleLife toddler daysack. In this same compartment, the address label can be found printed on the back. This compartment has a zip closure with a fairly big zip which zips open smoothly.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

Inside Name Address Print

Although this backpack is smaller than most toddler backpacks, it’s enough to fit the essential things needed for a toddler during travels. The butterfly backpack was able to fit in:

  • 2 nappies
  • A pack of baby wipes
  • 3 small snack packs of Haribo sweets
  • A soft toy (a pig in this case)

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

It was a bit of a tight fit but we managed to zip it up after pushing the pig’s head down into the bag.

As mentioned, some designs will have a hood included. This can be found in a zipped pocket just above the zip to the main compartment. Unfortunately, nothing can fit into the hood pocket because it can just about fit the hood in.

Comfort & Convenience

Kids Hand Luggage Size

As the size of the LittleLife backpack is so small, it fits well on a toddler’s back.

It’s perfect to take on as hand luggage for kids on holidays and can go under airplane seats as well.

This can be reassuring for many children because it gives them a sense of comfort to have something familiar close to them when they are away from home.

How well padded is the bag?

With the padded shoulder straps, it’s comfortable enough for kids to wear. The bag does slip off from time to time so it would have been better if there were some grip material stitched in too.

Some children find it uncomfortable to wear the backpack for long periods of time though because the items in their bag dig into their back. There’s no padding on the back which most other toddler backpacks tend to have.

How convenient is a detachable backpack rein?

Holding onto the handle of the baby reins is quite comfortable due to the soft nylon wrapped around it. It feels like the strap material has been doubled over inside the handle which is what gives it the padding. Being a circular handle is ideal too as parents can slip this onto their wrist when they need another hand free.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

The length of the baby rein is a good length as it doesn’t allow your child to roam too far from you. They will always be within an arm’s distance so you could easily grab them by the bag’s carry handle if needed.

Being able to detach the safety harness is a lot easier than having to take the backpack off. This is ideal in places where your child doesn’t need to be on the reins but you don’t want them to take the backpack off such as when they’re sitting down in the airport.

As your child gets older, you can detach the child reins so they can just use the LittleLife backpack as a regular toddler backpack. My nephew is now 4 years old so no longer needs the toddler reins on his dinosaur backpack so he just uses it to put snacks in when he goes on play dates.

The Little Details

Having a big and smooth running zip has been handy for many parents because it means children can easily grip the zip to open the bag themselves. My friend’s daughter had another animal backpack with reins but had trouble opening the zip herself due to the small zip.

Daysack Zipper

With the address label, not only does it help to identify your child’s backpack but it helps to identify them as well if they somehow got loose from the walking reins and got lost.

Final Thoughts | LittleLife Toddler Daysack

The LittleLife daysack with reins is an essential item for babies who have just begun to walk. As well as having the baby reins to keep your child from running off and causing worry and chaos, they can carry their essential items in the backpack as well. It’s ideal to take on holidays, to pre-school, to play dates or for a day out.

The quality of the materials are tough and the stitching on the straps and toddler reins is secure which reassures parents that children won’t end up tearing the bag and getting away. At the price the daysack is selling for, it’s very reasonably priced for toddler backpacks.

Being able to detach the baby reins gives your child the chance to use the LittleLife backpack on its own when they no longer need the reins for toddlers. You get more use out of the bag this way so you’re getting more for your money.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the LittleLife Toddler Daysack - £19.99

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