Samsonite Aeris Spinner Luggage Review

Provides good storage space without sacrificing mobility.

Samsonite Aeris Spinner Luggage Review

Samsonite Aeris Spinner Luggage Review

Samsonite is a well-known brand for their excellent quality luggage. This is the reason why so many consumers keep going back to the Samsonite brand when it is time to replace their suitcases or need to buy one. Many find it will last them a good 15 years or more.

With so many hard shell suitcases on the market today, it is no surprise that Samsonite have these available as well. My review will look into how well built the Samsonite Aeris Spinner is and whether it lives up to the quality that Samsonite built their reputation on.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • 4 Multidirectional Spinner Wheels: For easy manoeuvrability by wheeling the suitcase upright.
  • Variety of Colours Available: Comes in a range of bright colours
  • Zipped Pocket Organiser: A separate zipped mesh pocket is inside the suitcase for the storage of small items.
  • Durable: Suitcase is an aeris shell made with 100% polypropylene material.
  • Fixed TSA Combination Lock: For you to secure and protect your belongings.


  • No Zip Closure: Suitcase closes with 2 fixed side clips and the lock.


Samsonite Aeris
Our Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursBlack / Lemon / Purple / Racing Green / Red / Sky Blue / Vivid Blue
Available SetsSingle
Available Sizes (All Parts)• 87.5L - 75 x 52 x 31cm
• 118.5L
Weight• 87.5L - 4.8 kg
• 118.5L - 5.1 kg
360° Wheels
LockIntegrated 3 Digit TSA Combination Lock
Warranty10 years


Design & Construction

On the front of the suitcase, there is a wide embossed pattern running down the length of the suitcase which is designed with the Samsonite logo. It blends nicely with the suitcase and gives it a stylish and unique edge.

Samsonite Aeris Spinner Luggage Review

There are a range of colours available which includes black, red, 2 shades of blue, yellow, purple and green. People love the bright colours on offer because it makes it easier to spot their suitcase on the carousel as well as adding a bit of personality.

The material of the Samsonite Aeris Spinner comprises of an aeris shell made with 100% polypropylene which is strong and durable. People who had owned the previous model or similar models find this one is not as sturdy and looks flimsy. However other users have said the suitcase has lasted them several long trips with only a few scratches.

Samsonite Aeris Handle

At the top of the suitcase is the single carry handle (as opposed to conventional suitcases that uses two pillars) which can also be pulled out with the push lock button and locked to different heights to enable you to wheel the suitcase upright. The pull out handle is made of aluminium which is light but strong and stable.

The suitcase closes with 2 fitted side clasps that will clip the 2 shell cases together which is then locked with the fitted 3 digit combination lock on the long edge. Next to the lock, there is another carry handle that lays flat when not in use.

On the bottom of the suitcase, there are 4 multidirectional spinner wheels fitted which allows for easy manoeuvrability as the suitcase can be wheeled upright. The front two wheels are actually smaller than the rear two because the top half of the suitcase slants downwards. Users were concerned with this as the stability and durability of the smaller wheels may be affected but this has not been the case at all.

Comfort & Convenience

The Samsonite Aeris Spinner is well balanced and easy to manoeuver because of the 4 multidirectional wheels. It moves along smoothly with minimal effort as well. However, some users have found that it becomes difficult to wheel upright when it is full due to the weight; it’s easier to pull along like a 2 wheeled suitcase instead.

The suitcase can be carried with the carry handle on the side when required but it is not extendable. However, it is a large handle so even big hands can fit through comfortably.

Samsonite Aeris Locks
The Samsonite Aeris features a 3-way clasp closure system which replaces an ordinary all around zipper.

Unique in its design, the TSA lock is connected to the side handle and features a combination code and of course, a key slot for TSA staff. Since there are no zippers to attach to the lock, the Aeris uses three clasps instead to keep the closure tight and secure.

With the side clasps that are used to shut the suitcase, users have found these to be quite handy as it is easier to close the suitcase but unfortunately some find it to be inconvenient as it can be quite stiff to pull open and clip down when the suitcase is too full. Some people like that it is harder to pull open as there is less chance of the suitcase popping open.

In the end, incase of any mishaps with the suitcase itself, then you’re always covered by Samsonite’s trusty 10 year warranty which should give you great peace of mind.

Inside & Outside Compartments

In the top compartment, there is a large zipped mesh pocket to store smaller items for better organisation of your packing. The pocket is held in place with stitching on one side and with two clips on the other.

Samsonite Aeris Spinner Luggage Review

If extra space is needed, the pocket can be unclipped (but not removed) and there is a lot of space behind for more of your belongings.

The bottom compartment consists of just an elasticated band that clips together in the middle which helps to hold your belongings in place and prevent creasing to clothing.

Users find the compartment to be very spacious as there is no fabric lining inside and easier to clean down as it only requires a wipe down. Unfortunately there are no external compartments which is usually the case with hard shell suitcases.

Video Demo

Here’s a short video of someone packing the Samsonite Aeris Spinner.

Final Thoughts | Samsonite Aeris Spinner

This large suitcase is Ideal for a 2 week holiday so is suitable for regular travellers or anyone going on a long holiday. The only downside is that there’s no zipper closure, instead it uses a 3-clasp function which are clips on the top, bottom and side.

Despite the couple of downsides, the quality of the Samsonite Aeris Spinner is strong and durable which lives up to the Samsonite name. It is worth your money if you choose to purchase this suitcase as many Samsonite suitcases tend to last a very long time and this one is no exception. Also, if anything goes wrong with the suitcase, there is always the 10 year global warranty as well.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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