Samsonite Base Hits Spinner Luggage Review

Classic form, modern performance.

Samsonite Base Hits Spinner Luggage Review

Samsonite Base Hits Spinner Luggage Review

In today’s luggage market, there are so many hard shell suitcases on offer as they are getting so popular now. However, they do not offer much flexibility in luggage solutions as they are usually not expandable or have as much compartments.

The Samsonite Base Hits Spinner suitcase offers an expandable option as well as lots of storage compartments that are easily accessible. Due to the large size, it is perfect for long holidays or shopping holidays. My review will look into how much this suitcase can store, its durability and how easy it is to use on holiday.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Expandable: This gives the user flexible luggage solutions when needed.
  • Front Pocket: For you to quickly stash or access your belongings.
  • Lightweight: Easier to carry and move around with.
  • Fixed TSA Lock: Easy to set and use.
  • 4 Multidirectional Wheels: The wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy manoeuvrability.


  • No Side Stoppers: The suitcase will not be able to balance on the long side very well.


Samsonite Base Hits Spinner
Our Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursBlack / Navy Blue / Red / Purple / Sky Blue
Available Sizes (Body Dimensions)104L - 45 x 29 x 77cm
Weight104L - 3.5 kg
360° Wheels
LockIntegrated 3 Digit TSA Combination Lock
Warranty5 years


Design & Construction

The Samsonite Base Hits Spinner suitcase has a simple stylish design that users have referred to as classy. It comes in a range of colours that includes black, 2 shades of blue, purple and pink which users like as it makes their suitcase instantly recognisable.

The suitcase is made with a 300 x 900 denier polyester material which is very strong as users have found to be resistant as it survives rough baggage handling without so much as a scratch. Inside the suitcase, it is lined with soft polyester in a beige colour which unfortunately cannot be removed to be cleaned.

Samsonite Base Hits Spinner Luggage Review

At the bottom of the suitcase are 4 multidirectional wheels fitted on. These wheels roll 360 degrees in any direction for easy manoeuvrability. A few users had been worried the wheels were too small but after a few uses found they are actually very sturdy. Some people mentioned the suitcase seemed smaller than other large suitcases.

If extra space is needed, there is a zip lining outside the suitcase which gives an extra 3cm depth to the suitcase when it is opened so you can fit some more of your belongings in easily.

Users say there is plenty of space for 2 people or a small family to use on a long holiday.

On the top of the suitcase, there is a soft faux leather carry handle that is padded and another thick polyester carry handle on the right side. Next to the top carry handle is the extendable push lock pull handle with adjustable lengths that locks in place to your ideal height.

Unfortunately, there are no plastic stoppers fitted onto the side of the suitcase so it may not balance well when laid down on its side especially if it is fully loaded.

Combination Lock

The suitcase closes with silver coloured double zips embossed with the Samsonite logo which can then be locked with the 3 digit fitted TSA lock on the side. It’s very easy to use as all you need to do is place the zips in the slots on the lock and scramble the combination.

To open the lock, you just need to twist to your combination code and press push for the zips to pop out of their slot. People have found this to be very secure and handy as there is no need to buy a padlock or worry about losing their padlock/keys to their padlock.

For extra storage or organisation purposes, the front of the suitcase has a large zipped pocket stitched in which will come in handy. It starts about three quarters of the way down and goes all the way to the bottom so there is a lot of space.

On the left side of the suitcase, there is a discreet address label hidden away. This can be pulled out by the black plastic tab embossed with the Samsonite logo. This is ideal as your address will not be on display to everyone and you will not have to buy an address label to attach on either which you may end up losing anyway.

Comfort & Convenience

The Base Hits Spinner can be carried by the top carry handle as it extends a bit and is padded so it is comfortable to fit your hand through. The side carry handle is not extendable but there is a small gap for your hand to fit through but it may get quite uncomfortable carrying it for a long period of time.

At the bottom
The 4 multi-directional wheels makes traveling so much easier as the suitcase can be moved around in any direction.

With the 4 spinner wheels, the suitcase can be wheeled upright which is particularly useful in busy areas as people won’t trip over it which often happens when pulling suitcases behind. Users have commented that it wheels along quietly and glides very smoothly without much effort even when it is full.

Despite the big size of the suitcase, the weight of the suitcase is very light. This is a good as it gives people more weight for their belongings especially when coming back from holiday with lots of purchases.

There are three different sizes to choose from – 39L, 69L and 104L. The 39 litre model is the perfect size for carry-on luggage.

Inside & Outside Compartments

The main compartment inside the suitcase has one zipped fabric pocket on the side for you to store smaller items. This is ideal as you won’t end up losing your smaller items in the main compartment especially if you need to access them quickly.

Inside the Samsonite Base Hits Spinner Suitcase

To hold your clothing and belongings in place, there are 2 elastic bands stitched in which clips together in the middle. This is ideal as it prevents your belongings from moving about and creasing.

Under the suitcase lid, there is a large zipped mesh pocket for you to store toiletries or other items. Another set of elastic bands are also attached here so you could store other larger items here and hold it in place if needed.

Some people have found this useful as they can store a formal shirt here and hold it in place without it getting too creased compared to if it had been in the main compartment.

There’s one external compartment which is the large zipped pocket. Whilst this is easy to access, some users would have preferred a double zip so it could be locked with a padlock.

As it is a large pocket, people find that it is not ideal to stash small items such as pens or food in there as it is difficult to reach it when it falls to the bottom. However, this is perfect for stashing newspapers and magazines.

Video Demo

Here’s a short video that gives a 360 degree view of the Samsonite Base Hits Spinner.

Final Thoughts | Samsonite Base Hits Spinner

With so many positive factors in this suitcase, it’s hard to go wrong. There is an expandability option which is great as it means you won’t have to buy a bigger suitcase or another smaller one to fit everything, it has 4 multidirectional wheels for easy manoeuvrability, a fixed combination lock and so much more.

It is ideal for a couple, a small family or long holidays because of the large size. As mentioned, it does come in smaller sizes if you don’t need such a large size or if you like your suitcases to match, you can buy the smaller sizes too.

The Samsonite Base Hits Spinner is great for anyone who is after a classic style suitcase with an expandable option yet performs well.

It’s robust yet lightweight and of a high quality which lives up to the Samsonite brand so is great value for money. Combined with the 5 year global warranty with Samsonite, you’ll be hard pressed to pass up on this offer.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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