Samsonite Trolley S’Cure Spinner Luggage Review

Designed for strength, security and maneuverability.

Samsonite Trolley S'Cure Luggage Review

Samsonite S'Cure Spinner Luggage Review

Most will know that Samsonite is the market leader for polypropylene made suitcases. Although their suitcases are undeniably tough, there is a growing demand for lighter suitcases as people want the extra weight to fit belongings and purchases in. So Samsonite came up with a new light suitcase to meet this demand.

The S’cure Spinner suitcase is one of Samsonite’s newest revolutionary designs due to the mixed polypropylene material used which gives it its light weight.

It can be used for long holidays, multi trip travels or for regular travellers because of its weight, size and durability. I will be reviewing the design and durability of this suitcase to find out if this new material is as strong as other hard shell cases.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Revolutionary Material: It is made with FlowliteTM which creates a strong yet light shell.
  • 4 Multidirectional Wheels: Smooth and silent double wheels fitted for easy manoeuvrability.
  • 3 Point Locking System: For extra protection and also includes a fixed TSA lock.
  • Fitted Seal: This helps to keep out moisture ensuring your clothes don’t get damp.


  • Elastic Ribbons Fitted Too High: These are not as tight if your suitcase is only half full.


Samsonite Trolley S'Cure
Our Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursBlack / Navy Blue / Aqua Blue / Pacific Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow
Available SetsSingle
Available Sizes (All Parts)• 34L
= 55 x 40 x 20cm • 79L
= 69 x 49 x 29cm • 102L
= 75 x 52 x 31cm • 138L
= 81 x 55 x 35cm
Weight• 34L - 2.9 kg
• 79L - 4.2 kg
• 102L - 4.6 kg
• 138L - 5.3 kg
Wheels4 Wheel Spinners
Lock3 Digit TSA Combination Snap Lock
Warranty5 years


Design & Construction

The Samsonite S’cure Spinner suitcase is produced in Samsonite’s Belgian production plant. It is made with a very thin polypropylene material called FlowliteTM which is injected into thin moulds to create a hard and strong shell that weighs very little.

Users commented on the thinness of this suitcase compared to Samsonite’s older hard shell suitcases but found the S’cure spinner to be just as tough and durable after going through the usual rough baggage handling on flights.

Samsonite S'Cure Spinner Luggage Review

You’ll see the suitcase is designed with class and style in mind as it has a matt textured dot design on the front of the suitcase with the classic Samsonite name embossed in the middle. People like to have options so luckily the S’cure spinner comes in 7 bright colours of 3 shades of blue, silver, pink, red and black.

There is a 3 point locking system designed for this suitcase. It is made up of 2 clips on the top edge and bottom edge of the suitcase and a fitted TSA 3 digit combination lock. This is also the only way to close the suitcase so there is no zip closure which many suitcases tend to have. A seal is fitted on the edges of the top compartment of the suitcase which will help to prevent moisture penetration.

Bottom of the Samsonite S'Cure Suitcase
The multi-directional wheels are made from rubber as opposed to hard plastic to prevent excess damage.

For easy manoeuvrability, there are 4 multidirectional double wheels fitted which rotates in multiple directions. The wheels are made from rubber so this will prevent heavy damage to the wheels.

Plastic wheels without rubber tend to scratch very easily which affects the manoeuvrability and durability of the wheels.

On the top of the suitcase, there is an extendable carry handle and a side carry handle where the lock is. Next to the top carry handle, there is a telescopic pull handle which is made from aluminium for extra lightness.

Top of the Samsonite S'Cure Spinner Luggage
The top view.

This handle extends and locks to different lengths so it can be adjusted according to the user’s height. The bottom of the suitcase has a slight groove for the user to grip onto to help carry the suitcase with two hands.

There are 4 stoppers moulded onto the side of the suitcase so it can be laid down sideways when required. This helps to keep the suitcase balanced and upright.

On the back of the suitcase, there is an integrated address tag that can be customised to the user.

Inside, there is a fabric lining stitched into the top compartment which unfortunately is not removable but it can be wiped. There is no fabric lining in the main compartment of the suitcase which is ideal as it is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Comfort & Convenience

Having the 4 multidirectional wheels enables the user to wheel the Samsonite S’Cure Spinner upright in multiple directions. This is ideal for many people as it takes up less space and is easier to move through crowds.

Thanks to the rubber wheels, people find the wheels roll very smoothly and barely make any noise which is great when using it on the streets in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Users still found the suitcase wheels along easily even when it is full and with hand luggage sitting on top of it. This show the wheels are very sturdy and durable as well.

The clips used to close the suitcase can be locked down to prevent it from being pulled open when handled. Users have found this more convenient to close with rather than struggling with a zip.

TSA Lock
The S’Cure has a 3-point locking system at top, bottom and side that’s secured by a 3 digit TSA lock.

Using the fitted TSA lock is very easy to set and use as well. Having this means you will not have to buy a padlock or worry about the padlock breaking.

With the grip at the bottom of the suitcase, this makes it easy for the user to hold the suitcase with two hands when lifting it up to put in the boot of the car or onto a table for easy unpacking.

Many people have found this convenient as many suitcases do not have this grip. It is quite comfortable to carry the suitcase by the top or side handle but may be a bit small for people with large hands.

People found the integrated address tag handy as there is no need to buy an address tag to attach on which might get pulled off during rough baggage handling. The solid plastic screen clipped on prevents the writing from fading and the label from falling out as well.

Some people found this suitcase too big for their needs but the S’cure spinner range also comes in 34L which is cabin size, 79L, 102L and 138L. You could also purchase either one of these as well if you wanted your luggage range to match.

Inside & Outside Compartments

Inside the Samsonite Trolley S’cure spinner suitcase, the main compartment is very spacious and users have said they can fit a lot in but still have space left over. There are elastic straps fitted and a zipped side pocket in this compartment. People found having the side pocket is ideal as they could store smaller items such as toiletries or chargers.

The elastic bands are slightly different to other Samsonite suitcases as the ones in the S’cure spinner attaches together with a bright blue plastic hook embossed with the grey Samsonite logo. It is attached to one elastic band and there is a hook on the other end to hook the other elastic band onto.

Samsonite S'Cure Inside
Multiple zipped compartments and elastic straps to keep your belongings in place come of great use.

There’s been concerns from several customers that the elastic bands are not very tight as they are fitted quite high which means the suitcase will need to be quite full for your belongings to stay in place as some users have discovered.

This caused belongings to fall to the bottom of the suitcase and creased clothing. However, you won’t have this issue if you fully load your suitcase with contents.

The top compartment consists of one double zipped pocket which reveals extra storage behind which again is quite spacious. Larger toiletries can be fitted in this compartment or more clothing but unfortunately there are no elastic bands here to hold them in place.

Another good aspect of the Samsonite S’Cure is that the compartment has so much space as many large zipped pockets in the top compartment of suitcases tend to be quite small.

Video Demo

Watch this short video by Samsonite demonstrating all the benefits of the S’Cure Spinner.

Final Thoughts | Samsonite Trolley S’Cure Spinner

There are a lot of positive points on the Samsonite S’cure Spinner especially in regards to its durability and lightness.

The suitcase is a bit lighter than Samsonite’s other polypropylene suitcases and although the hard casing is thinner than older Samsonite suitcases, it is still very durable as many users have found even with rough baggage handling on several trips. There is Samsonite’s usual 5 year global warranty should its durability not uphold.

This suitcase is ideal for regular travellers, long holidays or travels. It comes in matching colours in different sizes to suit your needs or if you want this for the whole family. With the S’cure spinner’s classy design, different size and colour options, durability and lightness, it is a suitcase worth paying for as it will last a long time.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Samsonite Trolley S'Cure Spinner - £188.00

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