Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

Skechers GO Walk 2 Review

Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

Ouch my feet hurt!

I can’t walk in these.

Sound like something you’re always saying whenever you go out for a walk, to the shops, on holiday or anywhere in general? If you are, then you must be sick of repeating these phrases over and over again like a broken record.

Well there’s a solution to aching feet problems and that’s called the Skechers GOwalk 2. It’s one of the best walking shoes around for comfortable everyday use that moves with your feet. Find out how you can stop your feet from hurting when you’re out and about with this range of Skechers shoes by reading on.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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At a Glance


  • Wide Fit – Generous amount of room inside the shoe which will fit people with wide feet or flat feet or anyone else requiring wide fit shoes.
  • OrthoLite Insoles – Lined with an anti-microbial sockliner to prevent odour so it can be worn without socks.
  • Skechers Performance Technology – Designed and made with materials specific for walking which offers flexibility and support.
  • Pull On Heel Loop – Makes it easier to pull the shoe on and off.
  • V-Stride Technology – Flexible to promote a natural stride and walking.
  • Mesh Fabric – Enables your feet to breathe as well as keep cool.


  • Not Waterproof – It’s made with mesh fabric and gets soaked easily and quickly when it rains.

Why I Bought the Skechers GOwalk 2

I have a low arch so unfortunately have flat feet and am forever buying shoes as I can never find any that fit well. Wide fit shoes are too wide for me so I end up having to layer it with insoles which then become too high and normal fit shoes are too tight for me.

Hearing that Skechers shoes were generous in shoe width, I decided to try a pair of the GOwalk 2 and bought it after walking around the Skechers store for a good comfortable 5 minutes. I was thinking they would make good travel shoes for my next holiday as well.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

I could have probably hunted around or waited until there was a Skechers sale but honestly, I couldn’t be bothered and wanted the shoes right there and then. My feet were already killing from walking in and out of every store looking for a good pair of shoes.

Useful Tip: It’s a good idea to try shoes on when you’ve been on your feet most of the day because it gives you an idea of how the shoes will feel on your feet when it’s swollen up.

Design & Construction

Now I don’t consider the Go Walk 2 shoes aren’t the greatest looking shoes nor do they look fashionable (although some people would beg to differ) but the design is pretty basic yet somewhat stylish. Because of its simple style, it complements many of my casual outfits.

The shoe has been designed as a fabric slip on shoe with the front flap sitting just below the ankle when worn. Around the shoe, the outer sole surrounds it which is fixed on securely with glue and luckily no gross glue bits can be seen which is usually the case with some fabric and canvas shoes.

Lightweight walking shoes

Each side of the shoes feature the Skechers logo with a ‘V-Stride’ mark on the sole. On the front of the shoes, it’s reinforced with a synthetic leather material with micro holes for breathability. It’s the same on the heel of the shoe as well.

For a seamless look, the fabric is sewn together with flatlock stitching which complements the shoe’s design nicely.

Weightless Materials

Made with a lightweight synthetic and mesh fabric, the Go Walk 2 Skechers are lightly padded but feel super light. My pair weighs just 222g so I barely feel the shoes when it’s on.

Thanks to the mesh fabric, it gives the shoes:

  • Breathability – reduces the amount of sweat your feet produces.
  • Flexibility – the mesh stretches four ways.

The Insole That’s a Sock

A lot of people tend not to wear socks when wearing slip on shoes but I’m not one of those people. I get that it’s not comfortable wearing foot socks and that it’s a fashion disaster to show your socks in these type of shoes but it just doesn’t feel right for me.

Skechers Go Walk 2 Review

However, the Skechers Go Walk 2 is lined with an OrthoLite anti-microbial sockliner which allow you to go sock free because it will thwart smelly feet.

Lined with a soft fabric lining inside the entire shoe including the insoles, this makes going barefoot comfortable. The insoles itself are Resalyte Midsoles which is a moulded material that helps to absorb impact.

V-Stride Technology

Offering more flexibility to my walking experience, the outer sole has also been uniquely angled which is the V-Stride technology design. The idea is that the shoes will fall in tune with my natural walking habits instead forcing my feet into an uncomfortable position so I have to walk differently. Sort of like when I have to wear heels then.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Sole

The rubber outer sole of the Skecher shoes have an unusual circular design. In fact, there are a lot of small circles moulded into the soles. Skechers call these circles ‘independent circular GOimpulse sensors’ which helps to give a ‘more responsive walking experience’.

But There’s a Super Sock Version?

Now there are also other variations of the Skechers GOwalk 2 such as the Super Sock 2.0 and Super Sock Bind. These versions are exactly the same as the GOwalk 2 but priced at a few quids more due to the difference in the insoles.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Super Sock

Both Super Sock versions are lined with an extra mesh layer in the insole to offer a sock like feel. The insoles also have a squishy feel to it because of the GOga mat technology which is basically memory foam.

Quick-Fit Portal

Slip on shoes are designed to be quick and easy to slip onto your feet. They’re supposed to take away the hassle of tying shoe laces or using a shoe horn. I often get my finger stuck at the back of my heel when I try to pull my ballet pumps on.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

Well the Go Walk 2s have made it easier with the hole at the heel of the shoes which is known as a quick-fit portal. I can use the hole to pull the shoes on with one finger. The only thing about it though is that I think Skechers could have done a better job of sewing the edges of the hole.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

There’s sewing around the hole but not where the cut has been made so bits of padding foam from within the shoes are sticking out. The sewing is quite basic too so it looks like it may come off overtime.

Choice of Styles

Besides the all black Skechers shoes I have, there are also other colours it comes in which is great for anyone preferring to add some colour to their feet. For women’s Skechers Go Walk 2, the colour selections include navy, pink and grey.  The Go Walk 2 Super Socks includes colours of bright blue and beige.

Colours for the men’s Go Walk 2s are considerably less with just two colours of either grey or navy. But there is the Go Walk 2 Surge in navy which are designed as trainers.

Comfort & Convenience

Is it Comfortable Enough to Be Called Walking Shoes?

I can honestly say I have never worn shoes this comfortable or light before. I always thought trainers were best for walking and have always brought a pair with me on holidays as travel shoes but I always felt they were too stiff, too heavy or too thick.

But with the GOwalk 2s, they make perfect walking shoes because of the:

  • Flexible sole
  • Supportive heel
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh fabric

It’s ideal for all types of walking but not for hiking as the soles aren’t thick enough. Look for Skechers hiking shoes instead.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Walking around in my Skechers Go Walk 2s, my feet didn’t feel constricted thanks to the flexibility of the shoes. As the shoes could bend and twist so easily, I did worry about the rubber soles splitting as that’s what tends to happen with rubber sole shoes such as plimsolls.

Wear and Tear Concerns

So far, my pair hasn’t split and I wore them for 8 days on holiday. I was walking around in them for almost the whole day each time. Since then, I’ve been wearing them pretty much whenever I go out and the shoes have remained intact in excellent condition.

As with many fabric or canvas shoes, the Skechers GOwalk 2s are unfortunately, not waterproof. That’s a disappointment as I think walking shoes should be made to be waterproof. Some people choose to walk whenever they feel like it not just when the weather looks good.

Shoes With Support

I’ve been told by a physiotherapist before that wearing shoes that twists and bends like this isn’t good for the feet as there’s no support for the arch and no impact absorption.

However, my current physiotherapist said that’s in reference to trainers and actually suggests Skechers shoes are ideal as orthotic shoes because of the heel and arch support.

Many people actually wear the Go Walk 2s as orthotic shoes and have said the shoes are great in supporting their feet. There has been less heel pain because of the well-padded insoles too.

Skechers Go Walk 2 Lightweight Walking Shoes Review

With the roomier front of the shoes, not only does this make a good pair of wide fit shoes, but it doesn’t squash the front my toes together. This means no blisters hooray! But it’s actually ideal for arthritis sufferers.

A few people with arthritis have found the slip on shoes comfortable and easy to wear which hasn’t given them much foot pain compared to other so called comfortable shoes. I came across an article suggesting the Skechers Go Walk original is great for people with arthritis.

To Wear Socks or Not to Wear Socks?

As mentioned before, I don’t like going sockless but I thought I would try it with these Skecher shoes because of the OrthoLite sockliner. This was on a particularly hot day and my feet were quite swollen from the heat and my foot socks were making my feet swell even more.

Skechers GOwalk 2 Review

At first, it felt odd because I felt the fabric on the insoles were quite slippery so my feet couldn’t grip in the shoes properly. But as I got used to it, I realised my feet wasn’t sweating despite the heat and constant walking.

Usually I would prefer to wear open shoes like sandals in the heat but they’re not comfortable to walk in and my feet would get so hot in them. But in these walking shoes, my feet were comfortable and it hadn’t swelled any further either.

Shoes That Can Be Cleaned Easily!

Because of the fabric and rubber sole of the shoes, this means they can be washed – in the washing machine! Some people mentioned an instruction booklet but I didn’t receive one in my box. From what I know, it’s machine wash cold and air dry.

I’ve washed mine on 30 degrees in the washing machine once so far and the shoes kept their shape and still felt exactly the same. However, due to the fabric, the shoes don’t get dirty easily so you probably won’t need to wash them much.

How Does the Skechers GOwalk 2 Differ to Other GOwalk Shoes?

There are 3 different versions of the Skechers GOwalk range which has slight differences but still share the same basics which are:

  • Resalyte midsole for impact absorption
  • Mesh fabric for breathability and stretch
  • OrthoLite anti-microbial sockliner for sockless wear
  • GOimpulse sensors for flexibility and better walking experience
  • Quick pull on loop at the heel
  • Lightweight

Skechers GOwalk Shoes

With each new version, the shoes have been improved to give an even better walking experience or style. It’s not huge differences but some of these are:

  • The Skechers GOwalk 3s have a memory foam fit design at the back of the heel for extra comfort and a custom fit feel.
  • GOga Mat technology is featured in the GOwalk 3s with high-rebound cushioning for better responsive walking.
  • The GOwalk 3s are much wider than the other 2.

Besides the main Go Walk range, there are also different versions such as Go Flex Walk, GOwalk Impress, mens Skechers GOwalk City, GOwalk 3 Unfold – the list is endless. If the slip on design is not your style, some of these are designed as trainers as well.

Final Thoughts | Skecher GOwalk 2

Anyone who loves to walk whether it’s on holiday or at home, the Skechers GOwalk 2s will make a great pair of walking shoes. Because it’s so light, not only does this it not weigh your feet down, but it also doesn’t weigh your luggage down which makes it ideal travel shoes!

Even if you’re someone who hates walking but has to – e.g. you commute to work but have to walk from the station to the office – then investing in these shoes will help give your feet some comfort before you slip on those uncomfortable work shoes.

The price of these Skechers walking shoes are a bit on the higher end but it’s worth paying for as it’s easy to clean which makes it last longer.

The quality of the shoes is also very high despite being fabric shoes so it will last you a good few years.

So whether you’re needing a break from tight and rigid shoes, a good pair of walking shoes or travel shoes, then slip on a pair of Skechers GOwalk 2.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Skechers GOwalk 2 - Price not available

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