Top 3 Best Vacuum Storage Bags

Top 3 Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviewed

Top 3 Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviewed

When you’re going abroad for holiday, some people like to pack light so they can come back with a suitcase full of goodies. Whether you’re a light packer or someone who packs every outfit for those ‘just in case’ moments, a vacuum storage bag which is a strong plastic bag, can prove to be of great use as it doubles your suitcase space. Some of the best vacuum storage bags can compress clothes up to 3 times smaller.

Vacuum storage bags have different ways of pushing the air out. They can be manually pushed out, sucked out with a vacuum cleaner or sucked out with a reverse pump. However, when flying abroad, it’s not practical to bring a vacuum cleaner and who has space for that anyway?!

So it’s best to look for a travel vacuum bag that allows you to manually compress the bag by hand or by rolling it. Don’t bother with one with a pump, you will need to bring the pump which will take up space.

5 Reasons to Use Vacuum Storage Bags

If you’re not convinced on how useful these vacuum bags are, here’s 5 reasons why you should use these.

Saves Space

With a shrunken bag of clothes, it makes packing for a holiday so much easier. There’s no need to sit on your suitcase to zip it and risk breaking the zips.

With the extra space, it makes packing toiletries and other bits like chargers, shoes or hair dryers a whole lot easier too as you don’t have to cram them into little gaps. However, just be careful not to get carried away with stuffing too many clothes into a vacuum bag for holidays because there’s still the weight you need to think about!

If you’ve ever struggled finding space to push duvets, winter or summer clothes or old baby clothes then you’ll know how much of a lifesaver these bags are. Some of the best vacuum storage bags can fit a duvet in and shrink it down to 3 times smaller than its actual size. It flattens down to the point where it can fit inside a chest of drawers or at the bottom of a wardrobe.


Packing your clothes in a vacuum bag for holidays will protect them from damage and the unfortunate accidents of liquid spillage from toiletries if you’re travelling by plane. It’s a highly like case which happens more often than you think as bottles become compressed because of the air pressure when airborne. As a result, that pressure sometimes causes lids to pop open and out comes the liquid.

Storing clothes away in a vacuum bag can help to keep them clean from dust and mold. As the bag is compressed, it prevents moisture from getting in and making clothes damp which then leads to the mold.

It’s not easy for those pesky moths to get in either. When the time comes around for you to use the vacuum packed clothes or duvet again, it will be ready for you to use just as you left them so it saves you time and money from having to wash them again.

Keeps Clean and Dirty Clothes Separate

We all have to separate our clean and dirty clothes whilst we’re on holiday. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a laundry service at your accommodation. But for the unlucky ones, using a vacuum storage bag will make things easier especially when most of us tend to throw dirty clothes into a bag which can take up even more space.


Keeping clothes in the bag will make it so much more easier to find things instead of taking everything out the suitcase. Think about whenever you’ve tried to look for your hairbrush, a charger or some other small item. You usually end up having to mess your clothes up just to find it. That’s not really ideal if you’re trying to grab it before checking your suitcase in.

Prevents Clothes From Creasing

Now this is pretty debatable as most people will argue that a vacuum storage bag will cause creases in your clothes. However, if you’re packing some nice formal wear with you, then you can use a smaller sized vacuum bag and compress it down to half the size only. If you keep compressing to the point where the bag is bunched up, then yes, it will leave creases. The trick is to know when to stop compressing.

Our 3 Best Vacuum Storage Bags For Home and Travel

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags Review

1. SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags - £19.99

  • Reduces a full bag up to 80% smaller – It gets so small that it can fit into a chest of drawers or small suitcase easily with room to spare.
  • Available in 2 sizes – Ideal for a variety of items from baby clothes to a king size duvet.
  • Airtight – Has a double zip seal and triple seal turbo valve.
  • Antimicrobial – Almost sterile inside the bags as it prevents mold, mildew and insects from getting in.
  • Travel pump included – Ideal for making quick use of squeezing the air out.
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Available in a large pack of 5 or jumbo pack of 6, the SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags gives you the best value for money. The large size measure 80 x 60cm making it ideal for use for short trips and the jumbo size measures 100 x 80cm which is a great size to use for large suitcases or duvets.

Claiming to be the ‘original space saving solution’, these are the best vacuum storage bags that can squeeze every bit of air out and reduce the volume by up to 80%.

Featuring a double zip seal that’s very tight and a triple seal turbo valve that prevents air from seeping back inside the compressed bag, these bags are a lot more effective than some of the other vacuum bags out there. Even when the bag is a bit too full, the zip seal manages to stay clamped down whereas it would open on other brands. It comes included with a pump which can take long to suck the air out but it works quicker than pushing air out manually.

These vacuum bags are really tough and durable, they can survive getting dragged about without the seal popping open. The best thing about these travel vacuum bags is that there’s a lifetime guarantee so if the seal doesn’t hold or air keeps coming back into the bag, SpaceSavers will replace it for you so you don’t really have anything to lose with these.


Packmate Travel Roll Vacuum Storage Bags Review

2. Packmate Travel Roll Vacuum Storage Bags

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Packmate Travel Roll Storage Bags - £15.99

  • One way valve – Allows the user to ‘roll’ the air out without the need for a vacuum cleaner or pump.
  • Good value for money – Comes in a pack of 8 which includes 3 different sizes.
  • Lightweight – Doesn’t take up much weight in your suitcase when travelling.
  • 5 year guarantee

Designed to be used without the need for a vacuum cleaner or pump, this pack of Packmate Travel Roll Vacuum Storage Bags uses a one way valve to push air out by rolling the bag. In this pack, there are 2 x small bags (25 x 38cm), 4 x medium bags (40 x 50cm) and 2 x large bags (50 x 70cm) which is great value for the price it’s going at. There’s a size for everything whether it’s for the home or for a short trip with the small size for a backpack.

The plastic feels flimsy but it’s actually very durable and can survive multiple usage without a problem. It features a double seal zip and comes with sealing clips; both of which are secure in keeping air from getting in. However, it will pop open if the bag is overfilled.

Amazingly, it’s pretty effective in squeezing all that air out – up to 3 x smaller than its normal size. For a fuller bag, it does take a few extra rolls and some more effort to get all the air out. To save even more space in your suitcase or home, the bag can be stored in its rolled up shape. It’s one of the best travel vacuum bags due to its ease of use and efficiency. But if you forget how to use it, there are instructions printed on each bag.


SpaceMax Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Review

3. SpaceMax Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the SpaceMax Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags - £16.99

  • Super large size – Can fit in a few pillows, a king size duvet or bulky winter coats
  • Double zip seal with clip – Makes it easier to tightly seal the bag and prevent air from seeping back in
  • Free travel pump – Slim size that can fit into exterior pockets of suitcases

The SpaceMax Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags comes in a pack of 6 in just one size measuring 30 x 40 inches. Featuring a double zip seal and a triple seal turbo valve, it squeezes every bit of air out down to a maximum of 80% smaller than its original size. The seal is tight enough to keep air from getting back in. There’s a handy sealing clip that makes it easier for you to zip the bag out and ensure no gaps are left open.

Made with antimicrobial materials inside the bag, it helps to keep your vacuum packed items fresh for longer and prevents mold, damp, mildew and bugs from getting inside. Included is a hand pump which definitely comes in handy if you’re using the vacuum bag for holiday for when it comes to repacking your belongings for the journey back home. It doesn’t take long either – just a few pumps and you’re done.

The size of these vacuum bags are quite big which is ideal for fitting large bulky items in such as duvets or pillows. It’s a good size to use in a large suitcase but using it in a small suitcase will prove to be a bit of a struggle. The quality of these are good and will last through many uses which isn’t bad for the price considering how well it compresses down compared to some of the best vacuum storage bags.