Top 30 Most Inspirational Quotes About Travelling

Inspirational Quotes About Travelling

Inspirational Quotes About Travelling

Travelling the world is the perfect way to discover who you are as a person. If you’re longing to see what the world has to offer but you still have fears and doubts, then here are 30 of the most inspirational quotes about travelling to give you that extra push.


inspirational quotes about travel

My ThoughtsYou shouldn’t be half-hearted when it comes to travelling. Embrace your feelings and accept the unknown, and you’ll come out a more enlightened person in the end.


inspirational travelling quotes

My ThoughtsIt’s easy to get lost on your journey, especially if you don’t plan it. That can be a good sign, as you’ll often discover new things about the world and yourself that you wouldn’t have, had you played it safe.


travel quotes

My ThoughtsIt’s not until you’ve been travelling worldwide for a long time, that you can truly appreciate the saying “there’s no place like home”.


travelling quotes

My ThoughtsYou cannot truly understand people from all walks of life without being around them. The only way to even begin to learn how the world works is to travel it.


quotes about travelling

My ThoughtsEven if you have little or no money, you can always make a start by working towards your goal of travelling the world. It will all be worth it in the end.


inspirational travel quotes

My ThoughtsYou don’t always have to travel the straight and narrow path. Taking a different route has its perks. In the end, you’ll find out that the journey was worth it all along.


joseph rain - there is no destination

My ThoughtsOften, what you’re looking for is not out there, but it’s within yourself. The world is just a map to find yourself.


steve maraboli - arrival at the destination is inevitable

My ThoughtsDon’t just dream about it, start taking action towards it, now!


lin yutang - the perfect traveller

My ThoughtsSome places in the world are just never meant to be understood.


yogi berra - if you dont know where youre going

My ThoughtsIt’s true in life as it is in your travels. It can be positive or negative, and that depends on what added value you gain on your journey.


inspirational travel quotes

My ThoughtsThere’s no need to plan every step of the way of your travels. Embrace the unknown and have faith in yourself.


saint augustine - the world is a book

My ThoughtsOne of the greatest analogies I’ve ever read. The only thing is…the world is book you’re not supposed to finish reading. There’s always more to see, more to do and more to learn.


samuel johnson - regulate imagination

My ThoughtsAnother great travel quote about taking action. Your imagination can only take you so far.


katsura - when you lost sight of your path

My ThoughtsWhen your mind can no longer make sense of your destination and purpose, you should listen to your feelings. At this point, it’s not what you think, it’s how you feel.


traveling quotes

My ThoughtsSurviving means there’s a struggle taking place, which is not fun.


lhb - when the traveller goes alone

My ThoughtsWhen you don’t have a companion during your travels, you must rely on your own instincts, emotions and intelligence. There is no one to fall back on, but ultimately, you’ll grow a lot more as an individual. 


marcel proust - the real voyage of discovery

My ThoughtsHow you perceive the world is just as fulfilling as seeing it, if not more.


lao tzu - no fixed plans

My ThoughtsIf your only plan is knowing that you’re going to travel for years, only desires, rather than plans, accompany you.


benjamin disraeli - remember more than I have seen

My ThoughtsThe thoughts that stand out during your travels are the ones that have had the biggest impact on you. You may forget events you thought you wouldn’t, and remember moments that may seem insignificant to outsiders.


travel the world quotes

My ThoughtsJust go to the country’s local food markets and you’ll understand this quote about travelling.


travel the world quotes

My ThoughtsA map is an invaluable travelling tool, but it can’t tell you how you feel about the place.


paul theroux - tourists

My ThoughtsThere’s a major difference between a tourist and a traveller. A tourist takes pictures while a traveller captures moments.


shakuntala - sympathy for all human brings

My ThoughtsWhere a person is born in the world is sheer luck, and seeing people a lot less fortunate than you puts things into perspective because it could’ve been you. I think this mentality helps you to empathise with your fellow human being.


thomas jefferson - he reflects more

My ThoughtsThe solo traveller doesn’t rely on anyone but themselves. They are responsible for their own learning and mistakes. A wiser individual is born out of this.


david archuleta - enjoy the journey

My ThoughtsOn those long hikes and bus, train and plane rides, you’re wasting the journey if you don’t spend your time learning something. Read books, watch insightful videos, draw, write…anything to make it worthwhile.


quotes about traveling

My ThoughtsA prevalent pattern in travel quotes is the notion that travelling shapes who you are as person. It rings true for most people.


inspirational travel quotes

My ThoughtsDon’t let the beauty of the world escape your memories. Keep it in your heart and mind, so you can draw inspiration from it no matter what you do or where you go.


quotes about travel

My ThoughtsAnd embark you must. Staying still will render you lifeless.


best travel quotes

My ThoughtsThere are too many people who wonder what it’s like to be somewhere or do something. Their mind is exploring but they are physically not prepared to. If you have the desire and you’re able to, don’t let a 9 to 5 stop you.


quotes about travel

My ThoughtsAnd home is where your heart is.


After reading the above most inspirational quotes about travelling, I hope you’re a bit more inclined to take action in seeing the world. Even if your plan of action is to take small baby steps, all that matters is that you make a start. In the end, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and there is no finish line. Enjoy the journey!


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