Top 5 Best Digital Luggage Scales

Accurate with universal metrics.

Top 5 Best Digital Luggage Scales

Top 5 Best Digital Luggage Scales

After going through the time and care to plan out all the details of your holiday, the last thing any of us want to worry about is if there will be any unexpected fees or hassles at the airport. Not taking the time to make sure your luggage falls within the airline’s luggage weight limits can really cost you, even if your bag is only a kilo or two over the limit.

Nobody wants to be that person trying to redistribute their load between their suitcase and carry on while holding up the line at the check-in counter. Avoid being that person by utilising one of our top 5 best digital luggage scales.

Our 5 Best Digital Luggage Scales Reviewed

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

5. AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale - £10.27

The AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale is ideal if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on features. It offers you the ability to switch between whichever units of measurement suit you best, and can measure travel luggage weighing up to 50kg.

It’s simple and convenient, while also being small and light enough to keep with you as you travel. The digital display screen allows for easy readability and the flexible strap with its secure metal connection provide a great deal of durability while in use.

This simple and sturdy scale also has low battery and error indicators for increased dependability, making it one of the best digital luggage scales for avoiding excess weight costs when on your next holiday.


Digital Luggage Scale With 8 LED Torch

4. Digital Luggage Scale With 8 LED Torch

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the 8 LED Torch Digital Luggage Scale on Ebay

It may be a generic and unbranded product, but this Digital Luggage Scale with 8 LED Torch is a cheap, convenient and versatile choice. It can measure up to 45kg, and weighs items in the unit of your choice, be it kilos, grams, pounds, or ounces.

Among its many useful features are a low battery indicator, automatic off switch, easy to read display with a helpful blue backlight for day or night time use, and an easy to grip handle.

This accurate device also has a data lock function as well as an overload indicator.

It’s compact enough to carry with you quite easily, and what’s more, this scale also has a bright torch lamp built in, which can be a very practical item to have with you while travelling.


Uni-Com Digital Luggage Scale

3. Uni-Com Digital Luggage Scale

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Uni-Com Digital Luggage Scale - £11.49

Though it’s a bit chunkier than others, the Uni-Com Digital Luggage Scale is a reliable option to avoid incurring any overweight luggage costs. This particular model scale weighs luggage up to 40kg, can measure in the unit of your choice, and is highly accurate.

The display is very easy to read, and thanks to the blue backlighting on the screen, it can even be used in dim and dark conditions. The metal handle and woven nylon strap provide you with durability, and since it automatically switches off, you won’t run out the battery should you forget to turn it off.


Duronic Digital Luggage Scale | LS1008

2. Duronic Digital Luggage Scale | LS1008

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Duronic LS1008 - £13.99

Attractive, ergonomic and reliable, the Duronic Digital Luggage Scale LS1008 is one of the best digital luggage scales available. It’s capable of measuring up to 50kg and this can be done in pounds, kilos, or stones, depending on your personal preference.

The woven nylon strap is sturdy and is cleverly designed so that it wraps around the handle of your bag, and connects to itself for extra durability. The Duronic Digital Luggage Scale also has a useful low battery indicator, and the top positioned LCD display is easy to read thanks to the backlight.


Salter Soft Touch Digital Luggage Scale

1. Salter Soft Touch Digital Luggage Scale

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Salter Soft Touch - £15.00

No matter if you’re travelling for business or leisure, the Salter Soft Touch Digital Luggage Scale will ensure that your luggage won’t go overweight, allowing a quick and easy check-in.

This scale has a large and comfortable, easy grip handle, and is compact enough to easily slide into your carry on bag.

The maximum weight on this scale is 40kg (measured in 100g increments) and your luggage is held securely via the snap buckle closure that can quickly be attached and detached for convenience.

A favourite among many travellers for its accuracy, easy-to-use system and reliability, the Salter Soft Touch Digital Luggage Scale will never let you down on your travels.

Top Features | Best Digital Luggage Scales

Purchasing a digital luggage scale is a long-term investment that can save you money over time by helping you to avoid fees at the airport because your bag was too heavy.

The charges incurred by violating airline weight restrictions are sometimes quite steep, so seek out the best digital luggage scale for your needs while being aware of all the essential features for such a device.

  • Maximum Weight – The most important things to check is the maximum load the scale is capable of measuring. Most digital luggage scales can weigh bags up to 40 or 50kg, or approximately 100lbs.
  • Weight Measurements (kg, lbs, stone etc.) – Some scales allow you to switch between units of measurement. Be sure that the scale you choose works for your unit of choice, be it imperial or metric.
  • Accuracy – Of course, accuracy is vital when it comes to a digital luggage scale. Scales may vary by a few grams, but most will come quite close to the sensitive scales at your airport’s baggage check-in. You don’t want to be caught off guard by a few grams as some airlines won’t be very lenient and will squeeze the pennies out your pockets.
  • Display – The readability of the digital display is useful, and some models even have backlighting so that the display can be read day or night.
  • Durability – The parts that bear the most pressure – the strap and attachment – is key for your unit to function properly.
  • Indicators – Certain models of luggage scales will include low battery and error indicators, which can be very useful for avoiding situations where you’re left with an out of commission scale.
  • Weight Lock – Another practical feature to look for is a weight lock (or data lock), that locks the display screen after weighing so that you can take your time to read the results.
  • Handle – All handles are not created equally, so it’s important to check that the handle is easy to grip and hold onto when bearing the weight of your luggage.

While it’s true that many people utilise their bathroom scale to weigh their bags before leaving the house, it’s wise to invest in a handheld digital luggage scale for travelling, as most of us don’t return home with the same amount of stuff in our bag, or sometimes embark on holidays that involve multiple flights.

Moreover, those bathroom scales aren’t always accurate enough for very precise measurements. It’s better not to be caught off guard with an overweight bag in any situation because the more inconveniences you can avoid on your trip, the better.

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