Top 5 Best Mens Fleece Jackets

Wear it when hiking in the cool spring, or under a coat in the freezing winter.

Top 5 Best Mens Fleece Jackets

Top 5 Best Mens Fleece Jackets

Whether it’s the spring, autumn or winter, a fleece jacket will keep you warm throughout most seasons. Wear it on its own when you’re hiking in the cool spring, or under a coat in the freezing winter. Here are our top 5 best men’s fleece jackets to rise your body temperature to a more comfortable level.

Trespass Men's Bernal

5. Trespass Men’s Bernal

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Trespass Men's Bernal - £22.79

A classic zip-up fleece, the Trespass Bernal shows quality through simplicity. The design is clean and unpretentious, with the full-length front zip joined by two zip pockets that are large enough for phones or handheld cameras. For value and comfort, this is one of the best men’s fleece jackets and it’s available in five colours and a full range of sizes.

However, this isn’t the warmest fleece jacket around. The sueded 300gsm fleece materiel is light and durable, creating a fleece that’s more for the everyday, comfortable on a short camping trip but also during a chilly autumn evening in the city.

The design helps to lock in body heat without feeling restrictive, while a drawcord allows you to adjust the fit around the waist, a handy feature that compensates for the relatively thin fabric.


Trespass Jynx

4. Trespass Jynx

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Trespass Jynx - £32.56

Thicker and warmer than the Bernal, the Trespass Jynx is a fleece that is suited to all seasons. It takes up more backpack space than the Bernal, but you can really feel the effectiveness of the 320gsm Airtrap design, especially when the front zip is pulled all the way up. Utilising tiny airspaces, the fabric traps and maintains your body heat, creating a thin film of warmed air regardless of the outside temperature.

It’s a little surprising that the Jynx doesn’t have a pull-cord waist adjustment. For this reason the fleece operates best when it fits snuggly and doesn’t allow body heat to escape. Three zip pockets are liberal in size and enhance the functionality, while the black or latte colours are smart enough for the Jynx to be used in the city.


Berghaus Men's Arnside

3. Berghaus Men’s Arnside

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Berghaus Men's Arnside - Price not available

Berghaus’s Arnside fleeces have been the choice of the savvy traveller for more than a decade now. They occupy a higher price bracket than the Trespass brand but more than compensate through their size to temperature ratio.

The Berghaus Arnside is light and packs very small, yet the thermal insulation keeps you warm in almost all conditions. It’s a doubled-sided brushed micro fleece that has the same technology you’ll find in far more expensive Berghaus garments.

The design is simple and inoffensive – another reason for its longstanding popularity – with a full front zip and two zipped pockets. All the sizes are generous around the armpits for a comfortable range of movement.

The waist isn’t adjustable in size, a downside that’s tempered by the inherent pliability of the fabric. And while the Arnside is light on adjustable features, the quality of the fabric make it ideal for almost all destinations and conditions.


Helly Hansen Daybreaker

2. Helly Hansen Daybreaker

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Helly Hansen Daybreaker - £38.38

Stylish and versatile, Helly Hansen’s Daybreaker is the fleece you need when it suddenly gets cold in spring, summer or autumn. It is extremely lightweight and will pack down to fit in a small corner of your backpack.

For this size you shouldn’t expect to go on any polar expeditions, but when the temperature drops in the evening or on a mountain, this is the fleece that will keep you warm with minimal effort.

A 100g Polartec design makes the Daybreaker thinner and lighter than its rivals for the best mens fleece jacket. The material stretches to your shape, minimising space between your body and the fabric, keeping your warmth locked inside the jacket.

There are two zipped hand pockets and a full coil zip on the front. Beyond this there’s nothing more to the simple design, other than the embroidered logo on the chest. You can find the Daybreaker fleece in a wide range of colours and sizes.


The North Face 100 Glacier

1. The North Face 100 Glacier

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the North Face 100 Glacier - Price not available

Flexibility has always been the big advantage of the North Face 100 Glacier. Zip it open and you have a lightweight jacket for everyday use, whether in the city or out in the wild. Zip it up and the Polartec fabric provides warmth in eclectic conditions.

Wind is easily dispelled, body heat is efficiently kept in, and the fabric doesn’t heavily absorb raindrops like cheaper fleece jackets. There are two spacious zip-up pockets that are large enough to fit phones and larger handheld cameras.

The jacket moulds to your body shape and doesn’t require adjustable features like a drawcord waist. And while this may be the most expensive of our best mens fleece jackets, there’s a real value to the quality of the lightweight fabric, The North Face’s trademark TKA (Thermal Kinetic Advancement) ensuring core warmth while still feeling breathable.

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