Top 5 Best Overnight Bags 2018

Top 5 Best Overnight Bags

When you’re going away on a short holiday or business trip, packing a suitcase isn’t very convenient as you don’t need that much space. An overnighter bag is the perfect solution as it’s designed with enough space to hold your essentials, enough clothing for a couple of days and if you’re flying, most of them will be the right size to be taken on as hand luggage.

These bags are easier to carry around too which is ideal if you will be staying in several different locations during your short stay. But with so many different styles of overnight travel bags on the market, it can be hard to decide which one will meet your needs. So, we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the right one for you – here are our top 5 best overnight bags of 2018 compared and reviewed.

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Overnight S

St Moritz

Overnight M


Overnight S

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursBlack7 Different ColoursTanTanTan
CapacityN/A25 LitresN/AN/AN/A
Material• Veg Tanned Leather
• Brass Zippers
PU Synthetic LeatherPVCN/APVC
Water Resistant
Studded Base
Shoulder Strap
Dimensions50 x 31 x 24 cm37 x 26 x 26 cm47 x 51 x 25 cm55 x 40 x 20 cm31 x 41 x 22 cm

Factors to Consider When Buying An Overnight Bag

How Big is the Bag?

Most overnight bags will be big enough to fit everything you will need for your short trip but you also need to check that the size is compact so it will be easy to carry and can be stored away during your travel journey. So for example, if you’re flying, will it fit in the overhead compartments or under your chair? A way to judge what size you will need is to make a list of what you’re going to pack into the bag.

If you need more space than what your typical overnight bag can offer, then you should be looking at a weekend bag or a wheeled holdall bag.

Is the Bag Durable?

There are many different materials used to make overnight bags but some of the more popular ones tend to be ballistic nylon, leather, canvas and PVC.

Leather overnight bags are one of the better materials due to its durability, flexibility and waterproof fabric. However, not only is it more expensive but it’s often heavier and requires regular care and maintenance to keep the leather clean and soft.

A slightly cheaper alternative would be ballistic nylon which is just as strong and it doesn’t tear easy so will last a fairly long time. When choosing your bag, you should consider whether you plan to use it again since there’s no point spending a lot of money on one if you only want to use it once. If that’s the case, a vinyl overnight bag should suffice.

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Are There Enough Compartments?

Having one large compartment isn’t an ideal way to store your personal belongings because it’s harder to search for the items you need especially ones you will need on hand such as travel documents. The best overnight bags will have several pockets to pack smaller items into such as toiletries. If you plan on bringing a laptop or tablet, then look for bags which have a padded compartment to fit this in.

Avoid overnighter bags that have too many zipped compartments – not only does this make you look more like a tourist but it makes it harder to find things. It’s no good if the compartments are too small to fit things into as well so be sure to check all the pockets and think what you will be packing that can fit into each section.

Other Bags Ideal For Overnight Use

Besides the size, there are many different types of bags that can be used for “overnight” purposes, which can range from tote bags to holdalls. Some of the best types of overnight bags are:

  • Satchel Bags – usually classed as mens’ overnight bags due to the shapeless style and thickly padded shoulder strap to enable the user to carry the weight of the bag.
  • Small Backpacks – versatile and practical, a small backpack is the preferred choice for many people as they’re spacious, easy to carry and the right size for carry-on luggage.
  • Tote Bags – often used by women as overnight bags for the fashionable look but there is a limited amount of space because of the small size.
  • Holdall – a bag with several compartments that offers many different styles from sporty to classy and can be carried by the hand or on the shoulder. This is the best overnight bag as it’s spacious and designed for travel.

Need a stylish bag that holds more than an overnight bag? Then try a weekend holdall bag instead which is designed for 2-3 day trips.

Is the Bag Constructed to a High Quality Standard?

It’s no good having a durable fabric for your overnight travel bag if it’s poorly constructed with weak seam stitching, uncomfortable shoulder straps or carry handles and no reinforcement to carry the weight of the bag.

Check for double stitched seams to ensure the bag won’t split when it gets a bit heavy and make sure carry handles or shoulder straps are padded so it makes carrying the bag comfortable.

It’s a good idea to have reinforcement in the base of the bag to give support to the material when all your belongings are in there. This will help to prevent possible tears. It also helps give the bag stability and stops it from toppling over when it’s set down.

Our Top 5 Best Overnight Bags of 2017 Reviewed

Leathario Leather Overnight Bag

1. Leathario Genuine Leather Holdall

Buy the Leathario Leather Overnight Bag - Price not available

One of the best overnight bags is the Leathario Genuine Leather Holdall with its durable fabric, practicality and roomy compartments. There’s more than enough space to pack a few days’ worth of clothing in for a short trip away.

The exquisite handicraft of this travel bag has been crafted to high standards with tough nylon stitching and strong brass zips so it can bear the weight of your belongings without much wear and tear to the bag.

Users can carry the bag with the two carry handles which can be secured together with a padded tube for extra comfort or it can be carried on the shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap. The quality and look of this genuine leather overnight bag is on the same level as other branded mens’ overnight bags but is selling at a more competitive price.

Choosing the best overnight bag to suit your travel needs will help to make your travels easier and more comfortable but once you’ve got the one you want, it’s a good idea to test it out by packing stuff in and carrying it round the house before using it for your trip. If it’s not right, at least you can change it for a more suitable overnight bag.


Head St Moritz Overnight Holdall Bag

2. Head St Moritz Holdall

Buy the Head St Moritz Holdall - Price not available

This stylish and lightweight overnight bag is the perfect size for a short weekend getaway with its generous space within each section of the bag. With the three compartments, there’s ample room to separate items from travel accessories to dirty laundry. The U-shaped zipped opening of the main compartment enables a wide opening helping to make packing your items in easier. You could even fit in a pair of shoes if needed.

There are a few ways to carry it with the carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap which is also removable. Made from a PU material, this overnight bag is water resistant which will help to prevent your belongings from getting wet when it rains. This Head St Moritz Holdall offers more practicality at an affordable price when compared to more expensive bags that are less versatile.


Kangol Overnight Holdall

3. Kangol Overnight Holdall

Buy the Kangol Overnight Holdall - £20.00

Looking at this Kangol Overnight Holdall, it looks like a large women’s overnight tote bag but it’s actually more of a men’s overnight bag featuring a large zippered compartment, inner zipped pocket and zipped external pocket. That’s plenty of compartments to store smaller items in for short trips. The main compartment can hold up to 3 days worth of clothing which is more than what many other overnighter bags can hold.

With the faux suede material, it gives the bag an elegant look making it ideal for business trips or classy city trips for just a small price. In addition, the material is quite tough so it’s durable and with the double stitching in the handles, it will be able to handle the weight of the bag with ease.


Karabar Cabin Approved Overnight Bag

4. Karabar Cabin Approved Bag

Buy the Karabar Cabin Approved Bag - £29.99

Offering a high storage capacity, the Karabar Cabin Approved Bag has a classy and luxurious style made to high quality standards without costing a fortune.

This canvas and leather look overnight bag has a nylon inner lining that is water resistant to keep your belongings dry.

As the name suggests, this bag is approved by the majority of airlines as carry-on luggage and there’s a strap on the bag to attach to the telescopic handle of a suitcase for convenience.

Although there aren’t many pocket compartments, the 2 pockets the bag has are large in size and can fit your travel documents or toiletries in easily. This overnight travel bag is a good size that can fit in enough clothes for a night or two away or for a 4 day trip if you’re a savvy packer.


Kangol Small Overnight Holdall Bag

5. Kangol Small Holdall

Buy the Kangol Small Holdall - £16.00

The Kangol Small Holdall is the smaller version of the Kangol Overnight Holdall which is ideal if you’re looking to get matching couples overnight bags. Its construction is of a good quality as the base is reinforced with a hard board to give the bag some stability and the studs on the base prevent the bag from toppling forward when it’s placed on the floor. Users can carry the bag by the two padded carry handles or on the shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap.

The size is enough to fit 2 nights worth of clothes and accessories making it a perfect overnight bag. It can be used as hand luggage as it fits to the size guidelines for many airlines and can fit under the seats on larger airplanes. There’s enough pockets to fit small items and the main compartment is big enough to fit a small laptop, tablet and cables. At the price it’s selling at, it’s inexpensive and will last you many trips.

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