Top 5 Best Travel Mosquito Nets

Top 5 Best Travel Mosquito Nets Reviewed

Top 5 Best Travel Mosquito Nets Reviewed

When you’re travelling to a tropical country, there’s bound to be mosquitoes and this is something that is often forgotten about. Ways to protect yourself from those pesky mosquito bites are with repellents in the form of sprays or lotion but what about at night?

A net can help keep mosquitoes and other bugs out and by choosing the best travel mosquito net, you can provide yourself with even better protection.

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An insect bite can do more than just give you an itch and a swelling red rash. It can cause malaria, infections or even worse now – the Zika virus. So don’t let a mosquito or some other bug ruin your holiday and your life, stay healthy and safe with a mosquito net.

How to Choose the Best Travel Mosquito Net

When buying a portable mosquito net, there are many features you should consider to ensure it meets your requirements and does the job it’s made for.


Instead of just traditional hanging mosquito nets, there’s a wider variety of styles you could get instead. Depending on how you plan to sleep, you could get dome shaped mosquito nets which are designed with a sprung frame to cover the entire bed.

Think of those pop open nets used to cover open dishes of food to keep bugs away. It sounds claustrophobic but the best ones are made with a pretty high ceiling allowing you to sit up in bed with ease.

Then there are pop up mosquito nets which can be used in a tent, on the ground or on a bed. These have a lower ceiling so there’s enough room for you to just prop yourself up on your elbows. They’re usually great for camping and you could get ones that are specifically designed for babies and younger children.

Of course if you still like the traditional hanging ones, they are still available on the market. These have been updated so the modern versions are bell shaped which hang from the ceiling and spreads over the bed from the middle, or a wedge and ridge style where the highest point is at the top of the bed with the net sloping down to the end where it’s lower. It can also be suspended from 4 corners to form a box shape mosquito net.


Some mosquito nets are made quite small and for one to fully protect you whilst you sleep, it needs to cover the entire bed. Nets typically come in the usual bed sizes. Hanging nets are usually most compact but pop ups and square nets can be quite large due to the roominess inside the net.


As mosquito nets are made from mesh fabric, a poorly made or cheap net can be prone to tearing quite easily. It’s a good idea to look for nets that don’t stretch and feel quite taut when pulled.

For the construction or frame of the net, some are a lot more durable than others. Hanging nets will last longer if looked after properly but for pop up mosquito nets such as self supporting ones, the poles need to be stored correctly otherwise if damaged, they can be hard to repair.


If you’re backpacking or travelling light for short trips, then your best bet is to use suspended nets provided you have somewhere to hang it from. Some pop up mosquito nets can be easy to flat pack but they do take up a lot of space in a suitcase.

Ease of Set Up

Besides considering the portability of a travel mosquito net, you should think about how easy it is to set up. A hanging net is quite easy to set up but you will need something sturdy to hang it from and it’s not always possible in many hotel rooms.

Without a supporting frame, it can take a while to get this done as well. Many pop up ones are a lot easier to set up especially the dome shaped ones which basically just pop open in a matter of minutes.


Mosquitoes and other bugs are pretty tiny so the holes in a mosquito net will need to be small enough to keep those insects out. The finer the mesh is, the better the protection will be whilst still allowing enough airflow to get through and enough visibility for you to see out the net.

The best travel mosquito nets will usually have 400-600 holes per square inch which will offer you very effective protection against mosquitoes and midges.

There’s also the treatment of the net to consider. This means whether the net has been doused in insecticide or untreated. If you plan on using it just once for a few weeks holiday, a standard treated net will be enough as it can last up to half a year if unwashed.

For a longer term holiday such as backpacking, a long life treated net is best as it can last a few years yet remains effective for up to 30 washes. Otherwise in countries where bugs pose no threat to health, an untreated net can be used.


Cotton or linen may seem to be the best option for a travel mosquito net but these fabrics can get damp quite easily and has a bit more weight in it which isn’t ideal if it’s a hanging net. Because of its ability to absorb dampness easily, it can get quite stuffy inside the net. An ideal material to use is synthetics such as nylon or polyester.

Our 5 Best Travel Mosquito Nets Reviewed

Lifesystems BoxNet Single & Double Mosquito Net Review

1. Lifesystems BoxNet Single & Double Mosquito Net

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Lifesystems BoxNet - £22.99

  • Polyester mesh – the lightweight fabric is easier to carry around and offers more breathability within the net
  • 156 holes per square inch – offers enough protection against mosquitoes whilst keeping you cool in hot and humid climates
  • Treated with EX8 Anti-Mosquito – effectively prevents mosquitoes and other bugs from surviving inside the net
  • Includes a drawstring stuff sack – protects the net as well as making it easy to carry
  • Available in 2 sizes – it comes in a single or double size

Offering plenty of room inside, the Lifesystems BoxNet Single and Double Mosquito Net allows plenty of air to circulate within the net because of its box shape which helps to keep you cool making it easier to sleep in. It’s great for use in hot tropical countries because of this. It comes with a handy drawstring bag complete with a handle for easy portability.

Made with polyester white mesh and 156 holes per square inch, the net is lightweight but there’s nylon skirting with lashing points at the base to protect the mesh and hold it down.

Treated with EX8 Anti-Mosquito repellent, this treatment can last up to 2 years. It works great in deterring insects so you’re not likely to get bitten but watch out for the ‘neutralised’ bugs on the floor and net when you’re stepping out from under the net.

With the pre-attached lengths of hanging cord and hanging hooks, it makes hanging the net up quite easy. However, it does require somewhere to suspend the net from but if it’s not possible to use all 4 corners, it can form a wedge shape instead by hanging it from the top 2 corners.

It takes a bit of effort to put this up so it’s probably best used for longer term holidays or travelling experiences where you plan to stay in one room.


Mountain Warehouse Double Bed Sized Mosquito Net Review

2. Mountain Warehouse Double Bed Sized Mosquito Net

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Mountain Warehouse Double Bed Sized Mosquito Net

  • Folds into a compact size – can be stuffed into the included bag and placed in a suitcase or backpack without taking up much space
  • Hanging kit included – comes with hooks and cords
  • Anti-mosquito repellent – keeps mosquitoes and other bugs at bay

The Mountain Warehouse Double Bed Sized Mosquito Net is one of the best travel mosquito nets due to its compact size and lightweight fabric. It features anti-mosquito repellent that helps to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting in without the usual strong smell of insect repellent.

Included is a hanging kit consisting of hanging hooks and nylon cords which are strong enough to hold the net up. There’s enough to allow you to hang the mosquito net in any of the 3 ways – as a wedge, triangular shape or as a box.

The size of the net measures 210 x 120 x 180cm which is just enough to fit over a double bed with enough net left over to tuck under the mattress for better protection. However, the cords are quite short so might be a good idea to bring extra.

Overall, this portable mosquito net is very easy to set up and pack away. The mesh is quite fine and is effective in keeping out insects even smaller than mosquitoes. There’s plenty of breathability within the net even in hot and humid environments.


Mosquito Nets 4 U Large Mosquito Net Review

3. Mosquito Nets 4 U Large Mosquito Net

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Mosquito Nets 4 U Large - £14.45

  • Very large and generous size – measures up to 1200cm in width and length with a 250cm drop
  • Easy to hang – has a structured ring sewn into the top of the net which enables it to open up easily when unfolded
  • Chemical free – uses a natural insect repellent that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause rashes
  • Includes a hanging kit – has a hanging hook and wall plug

With a generous height of 250cm, the Mosquito Nets 4 U Large Mosquito Net offers plenty of room inside the net which allows you to sit up with ease and enough air to circulate inside so it doesn’t get too stuffy inside.

Setup is very straightforward as it has a ring sewn into the top of the net so the net will automatically open up when it’s unfolded. Then it’s just a matter of hanging it from the one hook from the ceiling.

Besides a big drop length, the net is also wide as it spreads out to 1200cm which will even cover a king sized bed with plenty of fabric to tuck under the mattress.

Made from a soft sheer fabric with 156 holes per square inch and treated with a natural insect repellent, this hanging mosquito net keeps the bugs from getting in and won’t cause any skin irritation making it suitable for anyone with sensitive skin and young children.

Considering the price, it’s inexpensive and great value for money due to its massive size. The net is pretty durable despite many washes and it comes in a small drawstring bag to protect it and for easy portability. It’s easy to hang and takes a lot less effort with one hanging hook and the sewn in ring.


Highlander Trekker Mosquito Net Review

4. Highlander Trekker Mosquito Net

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Highlander Trekker Mosquito Net - £14.99

  • Easy to carry – folds away into a small drawstring bag
  • Lightweight – made from ultra fine polyester mesh material
  • Treated with insect repellent – works effectively in keeping mosquitoes out

Constructed from ultra fine mesh, the Highlander Trekker Mosquito Net is perfect for camping or backpacking. With a size measuring of 2 x 115 x 175cm, it’s the perfect size for a single traveller and folds away nicely into a small size that fits into the included drawstring bag.

Made from polyester mesh, the net is light and provides a lot of air circulation inside making it cooler and less stuffy. It can be hung from a single hook as a bell or wedge shape.

The net is treated with permethrin repellent which works great in keeping mosquitoes away but if you’re a cat lover, keep them away as this can be harmful for them.

The holes are small enough to keep mosquitoes out but smaller insects such as midges can probably still get in so it’s best used for countries where insects are more of a nuisance than a danger.

It’s a bit expensive for a single sized travel mosquito net but it does the job well and it’s ideal if you don’t want the extra fabric. But for anyone who likes to move freely in their sleep, it’s best to go for a bigger size.


Lifesystems Ultralight Ultranet Mosquito Net Review

5. Lifesystems Ultralight Ultranet Mosquito Net

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Lifesystems Ultralight Ultranet - £12.99

  • 196 holes per square inch – effectively keeps out insects smaller than midges making it ideal for high risk countries
  • EX8 anti-mosquito repellent – lasts a long time and remains effective even after 20 washes.
  • Durable – made from tough expedition mesh and nylon ripstop skirting that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to carry bag – folds neatly into a small drawstring bag that can be carried on the shoulder or by hand

Made from superfine black expedition mesh, the Lifesystems Ultralight Mosquito Net has 196 holes per square inch which is great in keeping out mosquitoes and midges yet still allows plenty of air to circulate.

There’s a 210t nylon ripstop skirting material with 4 x base lashing points to help keep the net down and prevents it from tearing so easily at the hem.

The tough net can be hung from one point to create a single wedge or bell shape and is fitted with a pre-attached hook. It’s treated with long lasting EX8 Anti-Mosquito repellent and is still effective for up to 2 years or after around 30 washes.

Being of a small size, the mosquito net is great for a minimalist traveller and will cover a single bed easily with room to spare. However, tall travellers may find the size a tad too small.

Complete with a drawstring bag featuring a carry handle and shoulder strap, this is one of the best travel mosquito nets you could get within its price range that’s durable so it will last you for a good few years. Perfect if you plan on travelling a lot in that time.