Top 5 Best Wheeled Holdall Bags 2018

Top 5 Best Wheeled Holdall Bags

The ultimate in versatile luggage must be the wheeled holdall bag. It’s a cross between a standard suitcase and a traditional holdall. There are plenty of choices from the smallest that can be worn as a backpack to the largest with multi compartments and pockets.

An added bonus is that all these bags are of lightweight and sound construction and will be a stylish accessory when on the move. Nearly all journeys involve a variety of situations from stairs at a station to long walks at an airport and for the adventurous, challenging footpaths and possibly squeezing into local public transport.

A holdall with wheels will be an asset rather than an encumbrance on your journey. With one of these bags you won’t arrive with tired and aching limbs as, after all, travelling to your destination should be enjoyable and stress free rather than a feat of endurance.

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M. Warehouse

The North Face
Thunder 19


4.8 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursA wide range of different colours & stylesBlack / Blue / Red / Grey / New GreyBlack4 Different Styles5 Different Colours & Styles
Capacity42 / 78 / 121 Litres112.5 Litres50 Litres33 Litres66 / 81 / 86 / 119 Litres
MaterialPolyester600 x 600D PolyesterPU Coated Polyester1000D Polyester with TPE Laminate & 1680D NylonPolyester
Convert to Backpack
Shoulder Straps
DimensionsSee Product Listings77 x 37 x 37 cm75 x 35 x 23 cm38 x 49 x 22 cmSee Product Listing
WeightSee Product Listings2.9 kgN/A2.94 kgSee Product Listing

Why Choose a Wheeled Holdall Bag?

Easy to Pack and Organise

The holdall on wheels makes tedious packing a joy. The flexible and durable material enables you to cram more items in and makes packing odd shaped items easier. There will be no wasted space in the corners as sometimes happens with a standard suitcase.

Some bags have elastic straps inside to keep everything in place and a variety of compartments to enable you to organise your belongings. This will also make life easier at your destination as you will be able to find things without having to unpack and repack unnecessarily.

Zip pockets will keep items needed on the journey accessible and these can be locked to keep travel documents and valuables safe.

Trouble free on the move

Smooth wheels enable you to glide through airports and stations effortlessly but they are tough enough to handle on uneven ground as well. The best holdalls on wheels convert seamlessly from a wheeled bag to a carried bag and vice versa without you having to change pace which is invaluable in crowded places.

A push button telescopic handle can be extended or retracted with one hand whilst walking and some even have adjustable heights for added comfort.

The best wheeled holdall bags have double tube handles or a central thicker tube for extra stability and better manoeuvrability, and these can be locked into place.

A variety of soft handles around the bag enable you to lift the bag with minimal effort into overhead lockers or onto roof racks and easily retrieve it again which is a feature lacking on most suitcases. As they’re generally made from flexible material, it can be squeezed into tight spaces, particularly when not full.

Due to the various ways a holdall with wheels can be carried, there is less strain on your body as you can shift the position of the bag as often as you need to and of course, when it is being wheeled you won’t be carrying any weight at all.

Tough and Durable

Wheeled holdalls are made from strong and hard wearing materials with tough zips and secure handles so you can be assured that your bag will withstand the roughest treatment by baggage handlers and serve you well for years to come.

Most bags are reinforced at stress points and some have outside straps to relieve the pressure on zips. Many of the holdalls come with a guarantee which shows the manufacturer’s belief in their durability.

As these bags are carried and handled in a variety of ways the wear and tear is distributed rather than being concentrated in one place.

Best Holdall Bags


Even large wheeled holdalls are lightweight compared to most suitcases. This is an important consideration with the ever decreasing luggage allowances on many airlines.

Each added kg on your luggage means a kg less that you are able to take along with you. This feature is equally important though for those not using air travel as no one wants to carry more weight than necessary.


If you’ve bought a large wheeled holdall and are going on a short trip don’t worry. These bags are so flexible you can reduce them down to a smaller size with straps and should you go on a shopping spree, you’ll have plenty of room spare for your purchases.

Between vacations your holdall on wheels can be put to use transporting sports equipment, assisting with a house move or taking portable chairs and a table to an outdoor event.

Holdalls with wheels are very compact when not in use whether this is at your destination once unpacked or at home between trips and most fold down flat.

Our 5 Best Wheeled Holdall Bags 2018 Reviewed

Eastpak Tranverz Wheeled Holdall Bag

1. Eastpak Tranverz

OUR RATING: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Eastpak Tranverz Wheeled Holdall Bag

The Eastpak Tranverz series is a very smart looking clam shell type holdall that’s available in a a wide variety of styles and 3 sizes – 42, 78 and 121 litres. Each is incredibly lightweight for their sizes, which makes them easy to handle. There are also two straps on each side to keep the bag sturdy when upright.

One of the best features is that it has two compartments. One can be used for clothes and another for shoes and toiletries etc and once you have arrived and on the homeward journey clean clothes can be packed separately from dirty laundry.

A 30 year guarantee is given which speaks for its durability and reliability and also makes this bag great value for money although it is one of the pricier ones.


Samsonite Spark Duffle Wheeled Holdall Bag

2. Samsonite Spark Duffle Bag

OUR RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Samsonite Spark Duffle Bag - Price not available

This professional looking wheeled holdall in classic black is made from thick, robust 600 x 600 denier polyester material. Its aesthetics makes it ideal for the business traveller.

It’s extremely light and compact at 2.9 kg but nevertheless the capacity is an ample 112.5 litres within the dimensions of 77 x 37 x 37cm.

It has strong zips and handles for maximum reliability and will be able to withstand rigorous handling. The main zips go down one side as well as around the top which gives easy access as well as being helpful when packing.

Elastic cross ribbons keep everything in place whilst on the move. There is a TSA supported padlock which will enable you to lock your bag when travelling through USA airports. The wheels on this model fold away when not in use which makes it easy to manage when being carried.


Mountain Warehouse Voyager Wheeled Holdall Bag

3. Mountain Warehouse Voyager

OUR RATING: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Mountain Warehouse Voyager - Price not available

This bag is sleek and lightweight with a striking red interior and measuring 75 x 35 x 23cm, it’s the most compact bag in this selection. Made from tough PU coated polyester it has padded, adjustable straps which enable it to be comfortably worn as a back pack. Compression straps reduce the bulk of the holdall and aid balance.

An organiser pocket keeps your personal items close to hand. When you want to convert to a pull along a robust single tube telescopic handle can be activated with one hand and the smooth wheels are versatile enough to cope with various ground surfaces . This is the ideal purchase for those looking to undertake more adventurous trips but is also ideal for short stays and beach holidays.


North Face Rolling Thunder Travel Bag

4. North Face Rolling Thunder Travel Bag

OUR RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the North Face Rolling Thunder - Price not available

Due to its durability and variety of pockets, the Rolling Thunder wheeled holdall by North Face is ideal for the more demanding excursions, particularly those needing specialist equipment.

Constructed of Bomber Base Camp material this holdall is the ultimate in strength and durability with the added bonus of being water resistant.

There are plastic bumpers on the corners to prevent abrasion and coated daisy chains give sturdy lash points. There’s a separate external compartment which can be used for shoes or dirty linen and zippered pockets for swift access to small items and travel documents.

Plenty of handles around the bag enables it to be moved easily, and larger than average wheels make it suitable for uneven terrain. There’s also a unique sherpa strap which enables your backpack to be carried on the face of your luggage. Straps reduce the size when filled to less than capacity and these take the strain from the zips when the bag is full.


Jeep Wheeled Lightweight Suitcase

5. Jeep Extra Large Wheeled Holdall Bag

OUR RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Distinctive and stylish, you will always be able to spot this bag on the luggage carousel with it’s coloured stripe along the side. The Jeep larged wheeled holdall bag oozes remarkably good value for such a strong and roomy piece of luggage.

The bag is constructed from a special blend of fabrics that make it tough, as well as flexible and lightweight. A 10 year warranty is included so you can be assured you’re getting good value for money.

The soft handles on the bag have a comfortable grip and a pull up handle makes this holdall easy to tow along on smooth running wheels. There are two outside pockets that can be used for reading material and tickets, among other items. Overall this is a good quality item at a modest price.

Each of these bags have different features to suit different modes of travel so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. The versatility of a wheeled holdall bag cannot be beaten and once you have used one you will never go back to a traditional suitcase or holdall. You will have many years of stress free and comfortable travel.

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