Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack Review

Durable and portable folding backpack ideal for short and light trips.

Vango Pac 15 Folding Backpack Review

Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack Review

It’s always useful to have a spare bag on hand for when you need one. However, no one likes carrying around an empty bag for those ‘just in case’ moments. This is where the Vango Pac 15 folding rucksack comes in handy as it’s portable and convenient.

Vango are well known for their camping equipment made to their high standards of quality yet designed to be lightweight, easily portable and strong. I’ll be reviewing their Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack to check how well made it is and whether it can hold much.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Portable Fold Away Rucksack: Folds into a small and light pouch so it’s easily portable and can be packed into your bigger bag or suitcase without taking up much space.
  • Large Capacity: It becomes a 15 litre rucksack when it’s opened.
  • Strong Material: Made with ripstop nylon which is tough as well as durable.
  • Belt Clip: For easy accessibility, the bag can be clipped onto your suitcase or bigger backpack.
  • 3 Year Warranty: The basic 2 years are included but an extra year is covered if you register the bag with them.


  • No Base: Bag topples over when it’s put down.

Design & Construction

Compact Pouch

Upon first glance of the Vango Pac 15 folding rucksack, it’s in a small zipped up pouch which measures 14 x 17cm. There’s a belt clip attached on a slim strap opposite the zip end.

Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack Review

The small rucksack can be found by pulling it out of this pouch. It becomes a 15 litre rucksack measuring 15x40x28cm.

There are 2 colours this packable daysack comes in – black and purple. Both have grey as the contrasting colour.

How Durable is the Material?

Most folding rucksacks tend to have thin material that easily snags and tears but this fold away rucksack is made from a robust 200D ripstop nylon which is highly durable. It’s also lightweight so the backpack only weighs 190g.

The fabric feels waterproof but it’s actually not. If you’re caught in light rain for a short while, your belongings inside the bag will be fine. However, a few people mentioned heavy rain soaked the bag as well as their belongings inside.

As with all Vango products, there’s a two year guarantee which includes cover of the fabric. There’s an extra year thrown in too if you register your bag with them.

Cord Zips

Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack Zippers

Attached onto each zip on the Vango Pac 15 is a grey cord with a rubber stopper attached. This provides a fuss free way to find the zips especially when you’re in a hurry.

AirMesh Shoulder Straps

Stitched onto the top of this lightweight rucksack is a narrow carry handle. It looks like it’s made with a tightly woven nylon fabric which is quite strong.

On the back are the shoulder straps with lightly padded AirMesh to provide air flow between your body and the bag. They’re adjustable and made with dura-flex buckles which are renowned for strength.

Vango Pac 15 Folding Backpack Review

Vango Pac 15 Folding Backpack Review

On each adjustable shoulder strap is a thick elastic band. This is to keep the adjustable straps neat and tidy after you’ve adjusted it to your length.


Pouch To Front Pocket

When the Vango Pac 15 folds out into a rucksack, the pouch becomes the front pocket for this lightweight rucksack. The belt clip attached becomes a useful key ring to hold your keys.

The pocket isn’t very big but it’s enough to hold your phone, wallet or any quick grab items you need.

Main Compartment

Inside this folding rucksack, you will see there’s just one compartment. It’s quite roomy inside and a lot can be fitted in here. I usually use this bag for shopping trips and when I go on holiday. On a recent overnight stay, it held:

  • A pair of casual trainers
  • A jumper
  • A pair of jeans
  • Pyjamas
  • Toiletry bag

Vango Pac 15 Lightweight Backpack

Vango Pac 15 Lightweight Backpack

There are 2 zips in this compartment and as the holes on the zips are quite large, a padlock can be fitted through if needed.

Comfort & Convenience

How Comfortable Are the Straps?

With the light padding on this fold away rucksack, it provides some comfort when the bag is on your shoulders. It didn’t dig into my shoulders that much but I think it’s more due to the wide straps rather than the padding. It’s better than other folding rucksacks which tend to have thinner straps.

My shoulders didn’t get sweaty thanks to the AirMesh fabric on the shoulder straps. With some fold away rucksacks, the straps causes sweat to build up which ends up with the straps sticking to me. The Vango Pac 15 keeps my shoulders cool because of the air flow so it was fine to keep the bag on for longer periods.

I found it was easier to wear the bag on both shoulders instead of one when there wasn’t much inside the bag. It kept slipping off my shoulder because it was so light.


The Vango Pac 15 is so small and lightweight; it’s ideal to use as a rucksack for travelling since it barely takes up any room. I like the belt clip as I can clip it onto my suitcase or backpack so I can easily get to it.

Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack Review

Due to the small size of this folding rucksack, it can be used as cabin luggage if needed. This comes in handy especially if you go over your baggage weight allowance.


Being a fold up rucksack meant there was no padding on the back. This meant the items inside kept jabbing into my back uncomfortably. After a while, I would attempt to carry the bag by the carry handle instead but it dug into my hand due to the narrowness of the handle.

As with all packable daysacks, there is no base and this one is no different. It’s not really a problem but it does topple over whenever it’s set down.

Folding Up the Bag

It’s quite simple to fold up the Vango Pac 15 but it does take a bit of time. Attempting to just stuff it back into the front pocket isn’t so easy because it gets bulky and harder to zip up.

Final Thoughts | Vango Pac 15

The Vango Pac packable rucksack proves to be useful for many things including a travelling rucksack, shopping bag or cabin luggage. It’s handy to take this on holiday since it’s small yet it can provide you with extra storage if it’s needed. This is particularly ideal for anyone who tends to go over their baggage allowance.

It’s an inexpensive price to pay for a high quality fold away rucksack which will last you for many years because of the durable fabric. It’s not like other flimsy folding rucksacks. Plus there’s the two year guarantee included if it happened to fall apart earlier than expected.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Vango Pac 15 Folding Rucksack - £19.95

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