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Nothing serious will ever happen to me. That’s what most people tend to think when they’re preparing for their travels. That couldn’t be further from the truth because unfortunate incidents do happen everyday to travellers.

Here at Travel Sage, we provide travel advice for those who want to be safe rather than sorry. On our website, you will find informative travel guides, in-depth unbiased product reviews and comparisons relating to topics on health, safety, comfort, convenience and products.

The right planning and preparation is the key to a safe and stress free holiday.

The Head Editor and creator of Travel Sage is myself, Samuel Ha, an experienced Internet Marketer who has a fond interest in travelling and ancient civilizations and their architecture.

During my travels, I’ve been scammed a number of times and I’ve had close encounters of being mugged. I also have friends who actually have been a victim of mugging and who have been in serious accidents. An overwhelming 95% of the time, certain incidences can have been completely avoided had the right precaution been taken.

These are of course, worst case scenarios but even little common nuisances like dealing with mosquito bites, minor illnesses and getting good sleep can make all the difference to your days spent travelling.

Hopefully, the travel advice that you read here will serve you well in your future trips. Below is a brief taster on each section of our website.

Comparison Tables

If you’re looking for a quick and easy reference of what the best travel accessories are in a specific category, then our popular comparison tables are the best place to go.

Our comparison tables compares the specifications of the most sought-after travel products side-by-side, including sleeping eye masks, travel luggage, travel document wallets and neck pouches, mosquito repellents, walking sandals and a whole lot more.

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How do we come to the conclusion of what the best products are in each niche of the travel category?

By analysing the different and most important characteristics of each product (material quality, functionality, reliability, size and weight etc.) and by drawing an overall picture based on real life customer reviews, we have a pretty solid guideline to base our list on.

Our Travel Categories

We’re keeping everything as simple as possible in order for our visitors to easily navigate around our website, so we’ve limited our categories into four main areas:

  • Health – In this category you’ll find articles on how to remain physically healthy during your travels. This includes tips on food and hygiene, dealing with injuries and watching out for pesky insects. Health products that’ll help you on your travels will appear in this section too.
  • Safety – This goes hand-in-hand with health since your safety is also a top priority. Things such as how to avoid certain injuries and being street smart when it comes to travelling in shady areas, they fall within this category, as well as all essential travel accessories needed to remain safe.
  • Comfort – You’re going to be slightly stressed out and not enjoy your holiday as much if you don’t have some degree of comfort, especially if you have some kind of physical hindrance such as a bad back or ankle. Things such as getting a good night’s sleep and walking in comfortable footwear does wonders for your overall wellbeing.
  • Convenience – If you’re the type of person that likes to leave everything until the last minute or you’re just out right disorganised, then this section may help you overcome that. You’ll also discover the best products designed to make your travels much easier including different types of luggage, travel wallets and toiletry bags.

Final Thoughts

You may be on an extremely tight budget, but there’s no good reason to skimp on investing in some of the necessities of travelling.

If you really do have to make compromises, then the very least you can do is take the time to invest in your own knowledge since that’s free and readily available.

Some extremely helpful travel websites I recommend you to check out (aside from Travel Sage of course!) are:

Thanks for dropping by to browse my website and I hope you return. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch and one of our writers will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Sincerely Yours,

Samuel Ha, Head Editor and Founder

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