Wenger 600631 Legacy 16″ Laptop Backpack Review

A basic Swiss army knife of laptop backpacks.

Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack Review

Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack Review

Brought to you from the makers of Swiss Army Knife and SwissGear is the Wenger 600631 Legacy 16” laptop backpack. Being one of the few checkpoint friendly backpacks on the market, this backpack aims to speed up the process of airport security checks whilst keeping your laptop protected.

This would be ideal for working professionals who tend to fly a lot but can this backpack be more than just a suitable carry-on for flights? How suitable is it for daily usage? This article will look into how versatile this backpack is and its functionality.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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Quick Overview


  • Shock Absorption: Your laptop is well protected from damage because of the SwissGuard protection system.
  • Lots of Compartments: Helps you to keep your items organised and easily retrievable.
  • Stabilising Base: Keeps your backpack to stay upright when set down and your possessions inside secure in their pockets and compartments.
  • Air-Flow Back Padding: Increases the air flow between your body and the backpack which helps to keep your back cool.
  • TSA Checkpoint-Friendly: The well-designed laptop pocket helps to make airport security checks quicker without you having to unpack your laptop.


  • Not Lockable: There are no holes on the zips for a padlock to be used.


Wenger 600631 Legacy
Our User Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
Available ColoursBlack
Checkpoint Friendly
Laptop CompartmentUp to 16"
Weight1.2 kg
Warranty3 years


Design & Construction

Mainly styled in a durable black fabric with a contrasting charcoal grey panel in front, the Wenger 600631 Legacy laptop backpack projects a modern and subtle fashionable style. Three fabric buckle loops are cleverly designed in the grey panel along with the brand logo above.

The stainless steel zips are fashionably designed where it’s slim with the Wenger name embossed on it. At the end, it’s a thick cube featuring etched lines. Unfortunately there are no holes for a padlock to fit through so locking the backpack is not an option.


The feel of the fabric is strong and thick without any stiffness so you should be able to stuff a lot of items in without a struggle. It’s built to last many years which is supported by a 3 year warranty.

Many people have used the backpack on a daily basis for years without signs of wear and tear and maintained its shape.

Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack ReviewAt the base of the backpack, a hard platform is embedded here which helps to balance the bag when it is set down. For a backpack with a hard base, it’s surprisingly light at 1.5kg so you won’t have to worry about putting in a heavy laptop or extra items. It’s a good size as well at 42 x 30 x 10cm so it’s quite roomy.

On top of the bag, you will find two handles. The one stitched at the back is a trolley handle and the other is the carry handle which has been ergonomically designed with a rubber casing wrapped around it.

Both handles are held down with strong stitching and a fastened rubber button. Users were able to carry the backpack by the carry handle with heavy items inside without any damage to the handle.


Adjustable and padded shoulder straps are constructed with a mesh fabric underneath to help the air flow between the backpack and your body. Two heavily padded panels sit on the back to provide the same system. You can read more about this feature in the comfort and convenience section below.

Inside & Outside Compartments

Upon opening the front compartment, an array of perfectly lined pockets are revealed to help you organise your items. There are slots for cards on the left, a pocket secured with a Velcro strap for your mobile phone, an elasticated mesh pocket and a large zipped pocket.

Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack ReviewAccessible Pockets

The next compartment in this Wenger 600631 Legacy backpack is the Quik Pocket with an additional iPod/MP3 player pocket. It doesn’t go all the way to the bottom as the intention is to store easily accessible items in here only.

A water bottle or umbrella can be stored in the side pockets which are within reach when you have the bag on. As the pockets are quite large and elasticated, bulkier water bottles can fit in here.

Spacious Main Compartment

Behind is a large compartment for storing ring binders, folders, books or any large items you need. There are no pockets here which mean more space for big items. A spare change of clothes and a pair of shoes can even fit in here which is ideal for overnight stays or short trips.

It’s very spacious as the compartment goes all the way to the bottom of the backpack so it can easily fit A4 size documents. As the zips go down to three quarters of the way, you won’t be struggling to put items in or take them out.

Laptop Compartment

Inside the laptop compartment at the back is the SwissGuard pocket which is heavily padded and feels quite sturdy. It helps to protect your laptop from damage and fits laptops up to 16 inches but some people were able to fit slim 17 inch laptops in without causing bulkiness or stretching to the pocket.

Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack Review

The zips in this compartment go all the way down to the bottom of the backpack. This enables the backpack to fully open up in this compartment for easy packing.

Comfort & Convenience

Due to the well-designed laptop compartment, this helps to make the check-in process at the airport swift and simple making it perfect to take on flights. There’s no need to take your laptop out as the compartment conveniently lies flat when opened which can then be put through the X-ray machine so the laptop can be clearly seen. This ensures your laptop stays protected in the SwissGuard pocket throughout the process.

When you’re transporting your luggage about in the airport, if you want to give your shoulders and back a rest, the trolley handle enables the backpack to slide over any suitcase with a telescopic handle.

As it’s slimmer than most laptop backpacks as well, it will sit nicely on top of any suitcase without toppling over.

Because of the slimness, it can fit under the airline seat without much trouble. If it’s going in the overhead compartment, it won’t need a lot of space to fit in either.


The hard base makes it easy to look for or take things out of the backpack as it maintains its balance well. This also means it won’t fall over when it is set down so your items won’t fall out of their pockets. You won’t feel this base when you are wearing the backpack because of the padding on the back.

Because of the Wenger 600631 Legacy’s slim shape, it’s easy to carry on the shoulders. The compact size means you won’t have to take it off when boarding a crowded train. You won’t have to worry about it getting in people’s way or anyone knocking into it either.

Cool to Wear

Air Flow Back Padding
The air-flow back padding is designed to increase the air-flow between your body and the fabric, making your journey more comfortable.

The special air-flow padding helps to keep you cool and prevents sweat patches on your back because it provides breathability between your back and the fabric. It’s the mesh fabric underneath the shoulder straps and on the back that ensures this air-flow. This makes it ideal for use in hot weather or on long walks.

With the padded shoulder straps and back, this makes the backpack comfortable to carry even when it is full.

You can adjust the shoulder straps to suit your comfort level. The shoulder straps can be pulled tighter when it is on your back as well.

It can be carried on one shoulder and won’t slide off like some backpacks because of the mesh fabric underneath which give it grip. If it’s carried by the carry handle, the rubber casing provides grip as well comfort because of the ergonomic design.


Zips on backpacks are usually overlooked and tend to have the common simple zip design. The design of these zips enables you to easily grip and pull. Many people find this feature great because there is less of a struggle with zips.

The Quik Pocket is great for storing your keys, hand sanitizer or any other small items you need on hand. Because it’s not deep, you can spot the items easily and don’t have to spend ages rummaging for things either. Alternatively the front compartment is great for organising your small items and for keeping your passport inside the zipped pocket.

Final Thoughts | Wenger 600631 Legacy Laptop Backpack

With its modern design, the backpack looks professional and smart which makes it ideal for businessmen to use for short business trips or for work. It’s great for University students as well because of the many compartments and gives a serious style for those who are dedicated to their studies.

The quality of the backpack looks and feels strong and durable so it would seem the same attention to detail used for Swiss Army Knife products has also been applied to the Wenger 600631 Legacy laptop bag. For the price it’s selling at, it’s a small amount to ask for considering how well made the backpack is and it will last you for years to come.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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